Sony Introduces Brand New Speakers in India Starting Rs.16,000

    Hailing from Japan, Sony is once a big player in most of the electronic gadgets. Be it smartphones, audio, cameras, etc. It had strong prints in most of them. But now, it was one of those companies swayed away by Chinese players and their tough competition. Yet, it remains strong in the fields of entertainment (PlayStation), Movies (Sony Pictures) and most of the electronics too.

    Sony Introduces Brand New Speakers in India Starting Rs.16,000

    Sony Party Speakers
    Sony Party Speakers

    Though it announced the withdrawal of its Smartphone business from India, it has a brand value that’s well trusted by Indians. And with that confidence, the company has just announced its new audio systems in the country which aptly suits the party environment.

    Introducing Sony V82D, V72D, V42D and V02.

    Sony V02
    Sony V02

    Sony V02 is the smallest of all and eventually, the affordable one in this series. This Dolby Digital Compact can be played through Blutooth, CD, Audio Jack and even has an FM radio within! It’s an easy handling speaker that throws the sound with bass in 360°.

    Price – Rs.16,990

    Sony V42D
    Sony V42D

    Sony V42D has all the features of V02, and some additional features like HDMI port, DVD player and NFC support. It has a microphone input (V02 too) for jacking in and using as karaoke.

    Price – 31,990.

    V72D and V82D are the flagships from Sony, like these, both have increased woofer systems and control options. These can be operated by hand gestures and bass, echo, changer, etc.


    • Rs.44,990 for V72D
    • Rs.54,990 for V82D.

    All these would be controlled through its called Fiestable. Where you can voice command the playlist and lights of the speakers through it.

    These high-end models are launched as the successors of Model V71D and V81D. These models have Taiko (Flat surface for drumming) on them to let you add your own beats as wish. These four will be available right away through online sites and offline stores of Sony and its authorized dealers.

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