Sony Leaps In Media Technology: Launches Latest Softwares & Camcorders to Record 8K Images!

    A long lost friend from the smartphone phase, but never an underdog! Sony could be having a hard time pacing in the smartphone industry today, but ruling the online content industry in every way possible.

    Sony, from its four-day event in Las Vegas (8-10 April) has put out enough innovations for the public to see. These are the services helpful primarily to businesses than individuals.

    Sony Leaps In Media Technology: Launches Latest Softwares & Camcorders to Record 8K Images!

    Sony NAB Show 2019
    Sony NAB Show 2019

    Making its NAB event more media-centric, Sony has every product that a broadcaster or content makers need. Starting from Camcorders, the company has presented new SaaS and PaaS applications for medium and high-end media businesses.

    Rounding up the event isn’t simple, as the company has a plethora of products unveiled today.

    Harnessing the cloud computing, Sony has Softwares like Ci, Virtual Production, XDCAM Air, etc to save and access/share the video content in seconds.

    Helping news broadcasters to pass their content instantly at the highest resolution to the public without hassle, and to lead them to your live streams with lofty frame rates, Sony has every software to help the content makers.

    Understanding all these could be hard and advanced, but in layman sayings, Sony is just trying to enable the wireless workflow of media/content with maxim efficiency through cloud computing!

    But if you wish to know more, can learn from its explanation pages here –

    These are just media services. Sony has some tangible and notable products too from the event.

    Starting with HDC-5500, this flagship can record 4K video at ease. And the VENICE helps for capturing motions at maxim fps, helping movie makers to record better.

    HXR MC88 for starters and even memory card readers/writers. Best out of all, there’s UHC-8300 for advanced imaging of capturing 8K images at 7680×4320 resolution!

    All in all, Sony’s optimizing the current technology as these camcorders picture high-resolution videos/images with noiseless shutters at dynamic range.

    To know more –

    Better be with us. We’d be uncovering the value of every service that Sony has produced in the event.

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