Spotify Releases a ‘Lite’ Version for the Android App

    Spotify is one of the favorite online music streaming apps in the world. It is a must-have app for every music lover around. However, Spotify was not available for users in India yet. It has been reported that this music streaming app is expected to be launched in India soon.

    Spotify Releases a ‘Lite’ Version for the Android App

    Spotify Releases a ‘Lite’ Version for the Android App

    The company has launched a new version of the Spotify app called ‘Spotify Lite’ on the Play Store. The ‘Lite’ version is in beta on Android currently. Spotify lite is specially designed for people who like to use less memory storage for their apps. It is basically a slimmed down version of Spotify Premium app.

    The main Spotify app is of 100MB whereas, Spotify Lite just takes 15MB space. The Lite version is very useful for the users who have an access to limited Wi-Fi or mobile data and people who have slower smartphones.

    However, the bad news is that not every Spotify user will be able to use the Lite version as it has geo-restrictions. Most of the lightweight apps have this restriction. Spotify Lite so far is available in few regions and is restricted for high-end devices.

    Spotify Lite
    Spotify Lite

    It has also been reported that Spotify Lite has limited features in comparison to the Premium version of the app. Users will not be able to reorganize the playlist, play songs offline, or to chose a certain song. Music quality and volume levels controls are also absent on the Lite version.

    There are certain new features that are added to this version. For example, users can configure monthly data limits with options for 3GB, 2GB, 1GB, 750MB, 500MB, and 250MB.

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    Many companies are trying to launch lightweight versions for different apps with satisfactory speed, availability, reliable data networks, and connectivity. It will be interesting to see how many people chose the Spotify Lite version over the Full-Fledged app.

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