Spotify Statistics: View your Personal Spotify Stats

    Spotify Statistics: Spotify was founded in 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. Spotify is a Sweden based international music steaming application software that is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and Tablets. The application gives millions of users access to millions of songs, podcasts and videos from artists all over the globe.

    How to Install or Use Spotify?

    • Visit the official Website.
    • Sign up and make an account for free.
    • You will be asked for an email id and password. You can also signup through Facebook.
    • There are different subscriptions available. You can choose the Subscription you want. You can use the application for free but it will have some limitations like advertisements.
    • You can download the application on PC, Laptop, Mobile or Tablet too.
    • Now you can listen to different songs, playlists, podcasts and much more from all around the globe. You can also explore new songs and artists via different playlists.

    my Spotify stats

    • You can like some songs and add them and create a new playlist of your own with your own choice of name.
    • You can also see what your friends are playing on Spotify if you have connected your Facebook account with the Spotify account.
    • There is also Spotify Radio available where you can listen to songs of a particular artist.

    Spotify Radio

    • With the Browse option you can browse different types of songs on your mood, different songs in different languages, a particular type of genre, different types of podcasts and charts, also see new releases and so much more.

    Spotify listening stats

    Key Spotify Statistics and Facts:

    Spotify Statistics:
    • Spotify is internationally the most popular music streaming application.
    • Spotify was founded in 2006 and was launched in 2008.
    • Spotify as over 271 million active users in February 2020. Out of these 100 million are Spotify Premium users.
    • The platform provides asses to over 50 million tracks, 3 billion playlists and 700,000 podcast titles for free to users.
    • Ed Sheeran is the most followed artist with about 28.5 million followers on Spotify. This song “Shape of You” was the most played song on Spotify history.
    • Spotify’s main demographic is users between 18 to 24 years.
    • 29% of Spotify users are millennials.
    • Spotify’s revenue for 2018 was about almost $6 billion.
    • The application gained 20 million installs in July 2019.
    • 55% of users have registered on Spotify via their Facebook accounts.
    • Spotify is available in 79 countries around the globe currently.
    • 2 Million Spotify users belong to India only.
    • Approximately 52% of users of Spotify use Spotify applications from their smartphones.
    • The USA is the country where Spotify earns the most revenue.
    • Around 47.7% of Spotify users are from the USA.
    • Around 25 songs have been played billion times on Spotify like “Shape of You”, “Closer” and “Havana” etc.
    • 44% of Spotify users are female and the remaining 56% are male.
    • Spotify has so far acquired 17 organizations which include Sonalytics, Anchor, PReact, SoundBetter and so many more.
    • The company introduced Spotify Connect to help users to listen to music on a lot of other systems and not just some limited popular ones.
    • Spotify has a Spotify Lite application too. The application is 10MB and is available in around 22 countries as of currently. Around 2.1 Million users have installed the Spotify Lite application.
    • On average it is known that users listen to podcasts and songs on Spotify for at least around 148 minutes every single day on different platforms.
    • Recently Spotify Kids is launched in the US, Canada, and France. The application has more educational content, bedtime content. The application is available exclusively for Spotify Premium Family plan subscribers at no additional cost and can be the download of Android or iOS devices.

    What are the various Subscriptions on Spotify?

    Spotify Premium has 3 plans or subscriptions. It is planned in such a way that it will suit different people from different age groups and people who have different requirements.

    Spotify Free:
    • It is free of cost.
    • It includes advertisements.
    • The quality of sound is up to 160 Kbits.
    • Users cannot listen to music offline.
    1. Spotify Standard:
    • It is not free of cost.
    • It is a Monthly subscription plan.
    • It is free from advertisements.
    • The quality of sound is up to 320 Kbits which is better from the free version.
    • Users can listen to music offline also.
    2. Student Plan:
    • It is not free of cost.
    • The plan lasts 1 year at a time and a 4-year limit.
    • It is cheaper than the Standard subscription plan.
    • It is only available to students of college or university.
    • It is advertisement free.
    • The sound quality is better than the free version.
    3. Family Plan:
    • It is not free of cost
    • The plan is useful when the whole family or many users use Spotify together.
    • It provides asses to 6 people together.
    • It also included parental control over explicit music.
    • It is advertisement free.
    • The sound quality is better than the free version.

    Top Competitors of Spotify?

    • YouTube
    • Pandora
    • Amazon Prime Music
    • Apple Music
    • Soundcloud
    • Google Play Music

    In the USA, Apple Music has around 49.5 % users and Spotify has around 47.7% users. Pandora radio has around 36.8% users and Amazon Prime has around 12.7 % users in the USA. Hence Apple Music is still more popular than Spotify in the USA but Spotify can take the lead anytime.

    But Worldwide Spotify is leading against Apple Music.

    Spotify is leading against Apple Music

    How to see Spotify Stats or the songs I played the most in the year?

       My Spotify Stats

    • You may visit the site through your laptop or smartphones.
    • After visiting Login into your Spotify account.
    • Spotify will show results about songs you played the most in the year.
    • You can further scroll and see other stats related to your music account.
    • In the end, you’ll find the most played artist and songs you listened to most. You will also be showing the time you spent on the application and Top genre, Top 5 artists you listened to and much more.

    Spotify Wrapped 2019

    Spotify surely has up its game and has given a tough competition to other music streaming applications. Hence Spotify is a really popular music streaming application that is loved by millions of people around the globe and used by them on a day to day basis. You should surely check it out if you haven’t already.

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