Top 10 Best Simulation Games for Android 2018

    Are you looking for Best Simulation Games? Don’t worry! I have got your back. In this article, you are going to get the latest version of Best Simulation Games 2018. In this article, I’m going to share top driving simulator games for android which is one of the best offline simulation games for Android. Simulation Game is a video game genre which is designed to simulate real world activities. So here you are going to get Top 10 Best Simulation Games for Android 2018 that you can use to play and enjoy simulation games on your android phone.

    Best Simulation Games

    Pinch, Zoom and rotate 360 degrees the city of your dream or be the ultimate ‘hope’, who can save the world from a deadly pathogen. Things go more real when we talk about simulation games. ‘Simulation’ is a recreation of a real-world situation, when the games simulate some situation or a scenario they are known as Simulation Games. A simulation game attempts to replicate stuff from real life in the form of a game for various purposes such as training, analysis, or entertainment. HowTechHack brings to you the list of Top 10 Best Simulation Games for Android.

    Top 10 Best Simulation Games for Android 2017

    Top 10 Best Simulation Games for Android 2018

    I have seen many sites are sharing hundreds of list of best android tycoon games but our mission is different. How Tech Hack is providing you the Best Simulation Games 2018. Not the regular garbage which you find on other sites. Hence, there are many best android city building games available today. You can free download from the below-given links. Let us take a look at some of the top ones:

    List of Top 10 Best Simulation Games for Android 2018: –

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    1. SimCity BuildIt

    best android city building games

    Play as the Mayor of a city, design and evolve your city in a variety of ways. SimCity is one of the most popular games on PC, EA games have revamped the game for Android. The game will bring real life challenges in front of you. Complete these challenges to keep your citizens happy and thus, bring the city designed by you to life.

    From a strategic mastermind to a creative head, every person would enjoy working on their dream project. The game is powered by High-end graphics, and it falls in the freemium category.

       Download SimCity BuildIt

    2. Dragon City

    city building games android offline

    Take your fantasy to another level with Dragon city. Play as a Dragon Master, who breeds dragons. The game challenges you to build a beautiful city on Floating Islands, where dragons live.

    Explore around 500 different dragons made from Fire, Legend, Nature and other elements or Challenge other Dragon masters in Leagues and Tournaments. The game is free to download and free to play. However, the in app purchases are worth of trying!

       Download Dragon City

    3. Infinite Flight Simulator

    best management games android

    The next Simulator in our list will lead you to an ultimate flight simulation experience. Choose your flight from a wide range of 35 aircraft. From Instrument Landing System to Advanced Autopilot Flight System, Infinite Flight simulator offers the most comprehensive and realistic flight experience. To improve the novice Pilot in you, the game is equipped with advanced camera replay system. One can also configure weight and balance system with the simulator options. The only bummer is the price of the Game. Infinite flight Simulator is not a freebie and is, in fact, one of the costliest simulators on Play Store.

       Download Infinite Flight Simulator

    4. Plague Inc.

    Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2017

    Plague Inc. is one of the most developed simulation game for Android that challenges you to orchestrate a pathogen. The game moves around a pathogen with which we have to infect the world rather, bring about the end of human race.

    We have to evolve the deadly pathogen which has infected ‘Patient Zero’. Homo sapiens will try their best to save their species and we have to adapt the pathogen against all odds so as to get the whole world infected!

       Download Plague Inc.

    5. RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

    best android tycoon games

    Atari Games bring to you the best simulation experience with Roller Coaster Tycoon. The famous PC Game Series is now on Android. Create and Manage Amazing Parks, customize your park by building scenery, landscapes, and other elements. Roller Coaster Tycoon offers one of the most intuitive controls set to construct coasters and work on a variety of themes. Just choose a scenario and indulge your creativity to creative astounding parks. The game is quite easy to grasp and play. Roller Coaster Tycoon is available as a freemium version too, but How Tech Hack recommends you to purchase the Full version from Play Store to explore all the dimensions.

       Download RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

    6. Bridge Constructor

    best simulation games for android

    Play as the chief constructor and construct a perfect bridge from a variety of material such as wood, steel, concrete pillars or cables in the given budget. With your budget as a restraining element, your bridge must clear the tests of stress simulator to unlock the next level in the game.

    Bridge over canals, rivers, and valleys with the Bridge Constructor. If the resources aren’t adequate then use the in-app purchases.

       Download Bridge Constructor

    7. The Sims Free Play

    best city building games android 2017

    One of the most popular games from EA games. The game goes a step ahead. The player has to create Sims, their homes and style them.

    Experience all the stages of life with the Sims you created.

    Decorate their houses and work on the interior of various places. The game is surely one of the best simulation games for Android and gives you incredible options.

       Download The Sims Free Play

    8. Block Craft 3D

    building simulator games for free

    Unleash your creativity with Block Craft 3D. Involve your friends in the ultimate building challenge, where you can start constructing your house and meet your neighbors. In addition to this, you can play with animals as well.

    The game duly takes care of people who lack in the creativity department as in Block Craft, you can visit the village of your friend to get new ideas. Follow their blueprints to build fantastic constructions.

       Download Block Craft 3D

    9. Train Simulator Uphill Drive

    Top 10 Best Simulation Games for Android 2017

    Test your driving skills in a passenger train. Timuz Game’s Train Simulator allows you to become a train driver and challenge your skills with 7 regions and 35 levels.

    The developers have tried their best to simulate a real train, giving the user options to accelerate up and down or dodge other trains to stop the train, before it gets into Danger Zone.

    There are many Transport Levels to challenge your driving skills.

       Download Train Simulator Uphill Drive

    10. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D

    best flight simulation games for android

    From Single engine props to Supersonic Jets, Flight Pilot Simulator offers you tons of real life planes and challenging missions. Unlike other simulation games, Flight Pilot Simulator can be played in the offline mode and offers intuitive mobile controls without even charging you a single buck.

    All the missions are bounded by time, and that’s what makes Flight Pilot as one of the distinct game in the crowd of simulation games on Play Store.

       Download Flight Pilot Simulator 3D

    Watch this Video also for some more awesome and cool high graphics games for Android/iOS:

    So these are the best management & flight simulation games for android. While the world of simulation games is vast and is growing exponentially in both scope and quality, the foundation remains the same – put the player in a situation where they have to push their cognitive limits to yield decisions.

    Whether we are driving trains or flying over Europe, we are able to escape from reality into a personified virtual world for a time. Unleash your inner Maverick with these simulation games. Also check some Best FPS Games, Best Racing Games, Best Action Games and Best Strategy Games for Android.

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our Best Simulation Games 2018, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share Top 10 Best Simulation Games for Android 2018 with your friends. Let them get the fun of latest simulator games for android with apk file.

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