Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2018

    Are you looking for Best Strategy Games? Don’t worry! I have got your back. In this article, you are going to get the latest version of Best Strategy Games 2018. In this article, I’m going to share top strategy games for android which is one of the best free strategy games for android offline/online. Strategy Games are those games in which you need skills and planning. So here you are going to get Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2018 that you can use to play and enjoy best turn based strategy games on your android phone.

    Best Strategy Games

    Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2017

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    Rule empires or raise your own field, strategy games have always been a part of Game heritage! Strategy games have the ability to transport you into massive scenarios, they indulge the skills of the player in a real time simulation, which is been played from a bird’s eye or top down approach, that is the user can have a whole view of the game scene and hence plan actions in the allocated time.

    Whereas, many strategy games such as Hay Day which fall in the real time (RTS) category are ones which demand the player to react and hence plan his movements or other game aspects in real time. Once there was a time when these strategy games were restricted to PC only. But today, hundreds of strategic games are available on the Google Play Store making them easily available for the Android users. So, the article talks about Top 10 Best Strategy Games of all time, for the Android platform.

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    Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2018

    I have seen many sites are sharing hundreds of list of Android strategy games but our mission is different. How Tech Hack is providing you the Best Strategy Games 2018. Not the regular garbage which you find on other sites. Hence, there are many best strategy board games for android without the internet available today. You can free download from the below-given links. Let us take a look at some of the top ones:

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    List of Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2018: –

    [table id=18 /]

    1. Clash of Clans:

    Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2017

    A game, totally based on resources, you will spend the game cash on various resources such as cannons, shelters and other decorations to protect yourself. What makes it the best strategy game on board is the ability to attack other camps (or players) to gain more money. In short, the game treadmill is all about you being a player who is building a base and attacking others. From the enemies powered by artificial intelligence to your own real world friends, you can compete with anyone and everyone on Clash of Clans. If you are not interested in the player to player wars then you can opt for solo campaigns.

       Download Clash of Clans

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    2. Anomaly 2:

    Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2017

    Anomaly 2 is the sequel to 11-bit studio’s Anomaly – Warzone Earth, where the player’s intention is to weave a convoy of military attack vehicles through a maze of enemy defenses by halting the game and occasionally planning routes on a map.

    The player being a convoy commander can run around by collecting and dropping a variety of power-ups. The difficulty is perfectly managed in the game. It is better than other tower-defense games.

       Download Anomaly 2

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    3. Kingdom Rush Origins:

    Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2017

    The cartoonish artwork and the indulging battle system of Kingdom Rush series have always been a staple of Android’s tower defense player’s diet. The new entrant in the series is Kingdom Rush origins which brings with it more challenges, maps, towers to unlock and much more. One of the notable changes in this release is the apt increment in the focus of heroes and their special abilities. Origins are not the best version till date, but the perfect twists and turns make it interesting and one of the best Kingdom Rush game released till date.

       Download Kingdom Rush Origins

    4. Bloons TD 5:

    Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2017

    Bloons is another kind of tower defense strategy game which adds a pinch of humor to the campaigns. Unlike others games, there are no soldiers rather monkeys are there. Players repel the approaching waves of enemy balloons by using large monkeys with different abilities to shoot and pop the balloons.

    The enemy becomes hard to deal with, as soon as the game progresses. This is a paid game but you can also download the free version of this game which is Bloons TD Battles“. It is similar to Bloons TD 5.

       Download Bloons TD 5

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    5. Plant vs. Zombie 2:

    Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2017

    Plant Vs Zombie 2 is really fun to play. The game retains the same plot as the first part had. However, unlike the first member of the series, there are more add-on and power ups. One is forced to fight cone and bucket wearing zombies in the second game as well.

    Patient players can make their way efficiently with the game, however, for the impatient there, in-app purchases have been introduced. Plants vs. Zombies is one of the most acclaimed mobile franchise, hence it’s a sure shot!

       Download Plant vs. Zombies 2

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    6. Vainglory:

    Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2017

    Vainglory is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. The strategy game is designed in a way that the player has to capture the opponent’s base by controlling fantasy warriors to fight through enemies. The game features 3 on 3 battles, each lasting up to twenty minutes.

    Players can buy power-ups and use their special abilities to attack dozens of characters. Vainglory is one of the well-planned strategy game which features tap to strike violence, to add more to this the game, it has inbuilt chat option as well.

       Download Vainglory

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    7. The Battle of Polytopia:

    Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2017

    The Battle of Polytopia is a turn based strategy game which is all about ruling the world and fighting vile tribe. The game is powered by automatically generated maps which enhance the game experience. Roam around the cold dark forests or claim lush fields of different empires with Battle of Polytopia.

    The game would have been more lovely if the players could unlock tribes by completing campaigns, although the player can pick and choose among different tribes featured in the game.

       Download The Battle of Polytopia

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    8. Clash Royale:

    Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2017

    From the creators of Clash of Clans, a real time tower defense game starring the Royales and other prominent Clash characters. Progress through multiple Arenas or construct your ultimate Battle deck. Clash Royale is a freemium game, thus it is difficult to move forth in the game without patience and proper resources.

    The player can destroy towers of opponents to win Crowns or earn chests to unlock rewards. With an immoderate chat feature and option to duel with players across the world, Clash Royale is the best choice in strategic games.

       Download Clash Royale

    9. Uniwar:

    Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2017

    Uniwar is a turn-based strategy game (with turn durations of 3min to 3 days) which moves around three races – Sapien, Titan, and Kahralean. You can either play the game in campaign mode or play a solo mission or go online to play multiplayer. Campaign mode is very interesting but the online play feature is more euphoric.

    Out of the three races, we have to choose one race, build our army and command the troops, in order to conquer the world. There are more than 21 solo missions and 50,000 plus maps to navigate in this classic game.

       Download Uniwar

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    10. Plague Inc.:

    Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2017

    Plague Inc. is one of the most developed strategy game for Android.

    The game moves around a pathogen with which we have to infect the world rather, bring about the end of human race. We have to evolve the deadly pathogen which has infected ‘Patient Zero’.

    Homo sapiens will try their best to save their species and we have to adapt the pathogen against all odds so as to get the whole world infected!

       Download Plague Inc.

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    Check this Video also for some more awesome best strategy games for Android:

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    So put your brains on these games and strategize to get a winning edge over the game! These are the best android strategy games without in app purchases. You can also try these games as I can’t write about all the games here, so just providing names i.e. Lords MobileWorld at Arms, Speedy MastermindBoom Beach, March of Empires: War of LordsDawn of TitansUnblock MeGods of Olympus. Also Check, some Best FPS Games if you love the first person shooter games.

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    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our Best Strategy Games 2018, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2018 with your friends. Let them get the fun of latest strategic games for free.

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