Top 6 Most Awaited Features of MacBook Air 2022

    The first Apple presentation of 2022 will be in Spring. It will most likely feature the new low-cost iPhone SE 3 and the redesigned MacBook Air 2022 with the M2 processor. These new products will allow you to do everything from play on to create your own elaborate app. Here are 6 features we expect to see in the MacBook Air 2022.

    New Design and Form Factor

    According to rumors, Apple will do away with the wedge design of the MacBook Air. The new devices should be more rectangular, and won’t be tapered toward the front. At the same time, the slim form factor will be preserved, the device will still be lightweight and will not get more thickness due to the fact that the novelty will not have HDMI ports and SD card reader.

    Updated Bright Colors

    Many users liked the colors of the iMac 2021 and iPad Air 4. Apple may release an updated MacBook in the same colors. At least, we can expect four colors, which will include: silver, space gray, rose gold, and gold. Blue or mint may also appear, with a less likely chance of a purple MacBook Air 2022.

    Apple M2 Chip

    Rumors of a new generation M1 chip have been around since the early release of Apple’s ARM architecture. Back then, insiders mistook the M2 for the M1 Pro | M1 Max processors. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility that the first Mac to get the M2 chip will be the new MacBook Air and the 27-inch iMac, which could be unveiled in the spring. An improved version of the M2 will be installed in the new MacBook Pro 2022 if they decide to introduce them next year. It’s hard to say exactly what to expect from the chip. 

    MacBook Air 2022 White Bezels

    It will get white bezels, early renders that John Prosser showed indicate this. Many other insiders are also hinting at it. White bezels around the display appeared on the iMac 2021. The MacBook Air 2022 is rumored to get some design elements from the new monoblock.

    The Mini LED Display

    The likelihood of getting a mini-LED display is small, since the MacBook Air has long been positioned as a “budget device”, but if you believe the rumors that Apple wants to drop the “Air” prefix – anything can happen. At the very least, several analysts have pointed to the possibility of an improved display in the new 2022 Air. Sure, the prospect of having a new display is appealing, but if one is added, we should expect a price increase on the budget device.

    MagSafe 3 Charging

    While the addition of new HDMI ports and SD card reader on the new Air is best not to expect, the new MagSafe 3 charging connector will still show up. Most likely, the power of the added unit in the kit will be less than the base version of the MacBook Pro 14. But the new standard will be better in terms of being more convenient and allowing you to take advantage of fast charging.

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