What Are Some Crucial Things to Do If You Want a Clean Macbook?

    Whether you like it or not, it is only a matter of time before your brand-new Macbook starts to underperform. Sometimes, the problem can be pretty big and fixing it on your own would be more or less impossible. However, in most instances, it happens mostly due to negligence from the users’ part.

    When that happens, people start to panic. But instead of this panic, they ought to look for solutions that have helped brands like MacStories and iMore. A good example is clean my mac, multi-purpose software that will take care of the most important issues. But do not stop just with this software. There are other things you ought to be doing, and they are mentioned below.

    What Are Some Crucial Things to Do If You Want a Clean Macbook?

    Things to Do If You Want a Clean Macbook

    Cleaner Software

    Utility software is always a safe option that quite a few individuals tend to choose. It helps that there are plenty of alternatives, and you can find applications that have a very specific purpose, like taking care of photo files or downloads.

    See what you can find and whether these applications meet your expectations. If not, you can always take a different route and take care of things manually. It just so happens that there are a lot of people who prefer it that way as well.

    Cluttered Desktop

    Cluttered Desktop

    The horrible problem of a cluttered desktop occurs more often than you expect. It is difficult to fathom why some choose to have everything on their desktop. Is it because it makes things simpler when you have it all in front of you? Who knows. But one thing is for certain – it does not help to boost the performance of a Macbook. Not to mention the problem of looking like a messy person.

    Put everything in folders and away from the desktop. There is a good reason why that feature exists in the first place. And yes, it may be tough to break out of this habit, but you should still look to push through.


    If your Macbook takes too long to load once you boot it up, it is possible that this is happening due to too many applications that are set to launch automatically. They are always running in the background, even if you do not need them.

    There is no need to delete them. Simply deselect them from the list of applications that launch with the startup.



    You could be working without any hiccups and notice a sudden decrease in the overall performance. If that happens, it is quite possible that you have a malware problem. Anti-virus software should be something that everyone ought to use regularly. Nevertheless, some malware can get pretty malicious and default security app could prove to be ineffective. That is when you need to look for something else to do the job.


    There are caches on your browser. And if you are not careful, they can turn out to be something huge. Every browser is different, but there should be an option to empty a cache regardless of what you are using. And if you have a problem locating that, do a quick search on the internet.


    Keep your operating system up to date at all times. Some applications could be underperforming because you neglect this step. And having the most recent update offers much more than just better performance. Keep that in mind as well.

    Delete Useless Stuff

    The more space you have on your computer, the fewer problems there will be regarding the performance. And there are lots of things that you may want to get rid of, including:

    • Email attachments. If you receive a lot of emails and double-click on the attachments, they get automatically downloaded to the computer. Locate your mail download folder and see how many files you have downloaded.
    • Duplicate files. That happens despite not being visible. The manual option may not work in this case so you will likely need to look for software that specifically takes care of the problem of duplicate files.
    • Update backup files. Each new update leaves you with a lot of backup files that serve no real purpose. Since there is no need to keep that around, delete them.
    • Useless applications. There should be some apps on your Macbook without any real use. If so, open up more space on your drive. After all, if you are ever in need of it again, you can always download and reinstall it.

    Expanding Storage

    Expanding Storage

    Deleting everything in sight is an option, but that should not turn out as the be-all-end-all solution. External storage options are available as well.

    A portable USB drive is what most people have already. You can always transfer files there and stick it in whenever you need them again. Cloud software is also great. They are also as safe as it gets, so there is no need to worry about something bad happening.

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