Top Digital Classroom Tools for Teachers and Learners

    Irrespective of the type of training program you create within your organization, online learning is sure to come up the most often when it comes to offering courses to your students, customers, and employees.

    To create effective instruction, you must create engaging, relevant, and interactive learning opportunities, considering these are the words people use to describe good instruction nowadays.

    As a result of this knowledge, you start developing your ideal training program, and research and compare the best online learning sites. For sharing courses and managing training material, you may use a LMS (learning management system).  

    Top Digital Classroom Tools

    Providing instructors and students with a user-friendly experience within an interactive online class is made possible with a cloud-based LMS. Here are some digital tools that you should use while using LMS.

    Multimedia Tools

    Whether using LMS or not, most people use tools that are integrated with playing audio and video file formats. People have been using YouTube for a long time now, and it explains them better. Thus, using audio and videos from YouTube or creating your video with the content you want in your course can help the learners in better retention. This way, you can visually engage your learners. While adding videos to your content you can use graphics or avatars to make it more interactive. Similarly, you can add audiobooks and podcasts by using the audio function.

    Live sessions and Webinar  

    Video conferencing tools such as Google Meets, Zoom, and others have been used in many virtual classrooms. Visual engagement works best as they enhance the learner’s experience and increase the learner’s retention power. It also provides an interactive classroom experience and increases learners’ engagement with other learners.

    Live sessions give learners the chance to be part of the discussions remotely and give them a hybrid learning experience. You can meet the varying learning preferences of your learners by providing multiple ways that they can access your course materials. Live sessions and webinars can be conducted via screen sharing and using whiteboards. As live sessions allow learners to reply and ask questions in real-time, it provides them with a traditional classroom experience.  

    Adaptive Learning 

    It is important to alter your course depending on the special needs of your learners. Adaptive learning makes it possible for you to make adjustments according to the abilities, potential, and overall understanding of your learner.

    The feedback provided by users can help you customize the course and satisfy them. For instance, providing the option of a slide bar to forward some video, skip option in slides or presentation. You can curate a module in different ways depending on the understanding level of groups. While others may prefer a series of lessons for one module. This will allow learners to complete the course efficiently. You can use LMS like Digital Chalk, Docebo, Blackboard, and many others to track the time your learners spend on a single course and obtain their progress report.  


    Built-in Course 

    For those who want to create their course, they can use LMS that has customization options. Most LMS provide customization so that every industry can benefit. You can choose a template design for your course which will have options to choose the style, layout, designs, fonts, and various other things that you want to add to your course. A great feature is that creating your course is easy and doesn’t require any technical know-how. Just a few clicks and your course will be ready. By using authoring tools, you can add multimedia, files, and various other things to your course and design it accordingly.



    You can use any LMS or other platforms to create your eLearning course. But important is the tools that will provide you the flexibility to curate your course. Most of the tools mentioned above are in-built in any LMS. But it is always better to check if it has all the above-mentioned tools as well as customization options. So, get creative and make your learners fall in love with your courses.


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