Tor Browser’s Android Version is Here Finally. Now Browse More Privately

    The privacy-centric project has finally unveiled its mobile version of the project. As the public is gradually realizing the importance of security and privacy, projects like Tor and DuckDuckGo are making something to keep everyone secure or take completely into the dark.

    Tor Browser’s Android Version is Here Finally. Now Browse More Privately

    Tor Browser
    Tor Browser

    Launch of Tor Browser:

    The Tor network was first started by the US Navy Dept for private communications with whistleblowers across the world. But now, everyone with a PC can have it and mostly used for surfing the restricted sites and going to the dark web.

    Depending mostly on public grants and donations, the community took it long for producing the actual mobile version.

    App link

    (Note: iOS users have to wait a little longer. Currently, this app is oy available for Android users.)

    Till date, Orbot and Orfox are two mobile versions from the Tor project for private browsing. But they are semi-developed and may require other add-ons to work.

    But now, there’s an alpha version of the actual app with name “Tor Browser” and already has 1M+ installs from Google Playstore.

    The working has been started in last year September, the developers have delivered the complete package now with fixing glitches crashes, startup probs, etc. And now it’s working fine and compatible with most of the phones with Android 4 and above.

    What it says:

    Upon launching the Alpha version of the app, Tor says its advantages of free browsing, blocking trackers, defending against surveillance and multilayered encryption. But all these come with a cost – Speed!


    The model of Tor browser is to route the IP addresses of every requesting computer in the network through several nodes till final destination and revert to the user with information. This process takes time and hectic. The relaying of info over nodes is done for security purposes which leave different or inaccurate details for authorities to track, thus, safeguarding you. So you need to sacrifice one for another! Either speed or security. If security is your priority, prepare yourself for looking at the loading page for 4-5 at least.

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