TRAI Releases an Application to Customers For Self-Checking their Expected Costs

    TRAI’s new regulations for Television and Broadcasting sector is another hot wind blowing in the town. With its constant warnings since months, every broadcaster seems finally done with updating their users with the fresh channel prices.

    TRAI Releases an Application to Customers For Self-Checking their Expected Costs

    TRAI Application
    TRAI Application

    Till date, operators used to sell the channels in packages/bouquet for consumers. Which they tricked users in many ways by combining FTA (Free-To-Air) channels with paid channels and form a package, which then sells it to the customer by charging more than it’s valued.

    And now with TRAI’s intervention, every operator is subjected to release the choice-making part to their customers. All they have to do is, reach the operator (online/offline) and choose what they just want and pay for that.

    Many Dish operators like Dish TV, Airtel, Tata Sky have already notified their consumers about the upcoming changes by TV notifications and other means.

    Sun Direct, one of the popular operators in South India has started displaying the individual channel rates on the info banner of every channel. And it seems the other operators too are doing alike actions to keep their consumers informed.

    TRAI, from its side, has just launched a web application to let customers pick up their favorite channels and check to price. The portal looks good and easy to navigate.

    Check here

    Upon reaching, the customer will be asked a few questions, just to customize the deciding channels at last. You will be asked about Name, Language and Genre preferences to get started.

    And then it’s simple, just pick up what channels you want, either by individuals or bouquet format and check pricing in the top right corner of the page.

    It’s just like online shopping! You pick and pay. Done.

    Note: There will be a base price called Network Capacity Fee of INR 130. Further levied a tax of INR 24 (18%) sums it up to 154 as a total starting value. Here, the user gets 100 FTA channels and he further pays for what he chooses.

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