Tron Holders to Get BitTorrent Tokens – An Exciting Airdrop

    Amid mixed news from regulators, the crypto ecosystem is flourishing well. Either they accept or not, blockchain is disseminating very well throughout the world.

    Tron Holders to Get BitTorrent Tokens – An Exciting Airdrop

    BitTorrent Tokens
    BitTorrent Tokens

    And today’s big news is about BitTorrent Token (BTT). Though there are numerous ICO’s going every now and then, BitTorrent’s is something special. It is one of the biggest P2P file-sharing platform having 100M+ active users monthly. And now it’s joining blockchain to it with fully supported by Tron. Imagining the output of this alignment, the Tron community is rejoicing well.

    Why Tron?

    Because all the Tron (TRX) holders are about to get BTT too!

    More about BTT:

    • There’s about 990 Billion coins pre-mined and set to airdrop soon. The official date of the airdrop is still unknown.
    • Allocating some to Tron foundation, the current holders of TRX, Users of BitTorrent and its client are set to receive some.
    • Preferred ratio of BTT to TRX is not revealed yet. That’s a big question in the community.

    The use case of these BTTs too has been said in its whitepaper. BTTs shall be used by users as a payment to avail high-speed downloads on BitTorrent platform or can reward the file sharers on choice.

    World’s largest exchange – Binance didn’t shout out for airdrop, but platform’s CEO Zhao has replied to one of the tweets saying “Yes, we do support it“.

    Besides, the platform even called for a token sale on 28th January. The price has been set to $0.00012 with pairs of BNB and TRX to purchase with. And further said, few jurisdictions (including the USA) aren’t allowed to participate.

    Few Indian exchanges like Koinex and Coindelta have tweeted that they gonna support the following airdrop, which excited the domestic community.

    To say, Tron is ranked 9th by market cap and has the potential to rocket up further.

    Not long ago, Tron has migrated its base off from Ethereum to its own blockchain and doing fine on it.

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