Uber India Launches Speedboat service in Mumbai. Ride Fare starts from Rs.5,700

    Well, this is anticipated, but not this early. Uber launches UberBOAT, a waterway ride service in Mumbai, India. Starting on February 1st, Uber customers can start booking these services from the app.

    Uber India Launches Speedboat service in Mumbai. Ride Fare starts at Rs.5,700


    Uber has already done this Croatia, and now doing for the first time in India. It says, it sees new opportunities in waterways and by launching this service, could impact the reduction of jams in the ways Mumbai to Navigate Mumbai.

    Our vision is to make Mumbai as the sea transport and tourism hub of the country in collaboration with Maharashtra Maritime Board.” quoted by  Sanjay Bhatia, Mumbai Port Trust Chairman.


    Route set from Gateway of India to Mandwa in the south or Elephanta island in the north.

    A ride on 6-8 seater boat costs you Rs.5,700 and if 10+ people, you gotta pay Rs.9,500.

    (A ferry ride of same distance costs about Rs.200 per head and takes an hour of travel time.)

    The ride is a 20minute journey. And people who booked it should be present 15minutes earlier at the spot.

    Currently, there are 15 speedboats partnered with Uber for doing so and will be available from 8 AM to 5 PM. Riders get life jackets and coast guard helpline for emergencies.

    Uber doesn’t allow for individual booking for now, but it said, it may introduce individual/sharing bookings in future and may set up new tourist destinations too.

    Upon demand, Uber plans to make these rides affordable and enjoyable.

    If you’re in Mumbai, try checking in. It starts tomorrow!

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