Vivo Apex 2020 – Concept Phone from Apex to be unveiled on 28th of February 2020

    The Chinese Tech giant Vivo has officially stated that they will be bringing a concept phone.

    Unlike other brands; Even Vivo planned its release officially on MWC 2020 Show but as the show got cancelled due to severe outbreak of Coronavirus; But the dates haven’t postponed instead Vivo has set up a launch event in Beijing!

    Vivo has announced its Concept Smartphone namely Apex. Vivo Apex is said to be officially unveiled in Beijing, China, on Friday, February 28.

    Vivo Apex 2020 – What are the expected specs for the phone?

    Vivo Apex 2020

    Vivo has also released the first teaser for the smartphone; stating that the phone is said to come with a 6.45-inch display with a 120-degree curved screen.

    Another image of the phone shows the backside of the phone with a circular camera housing like Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro last year.

    Other expected specifications for Vivo Apex may come with a telephoto camera with a 5-7.5x zoom feature.

    Vivo has also said that the phone will come with a so-called “Gimbal Camera” for better video stabilization. The rest of the tech specs are yet to be revealed.

    Vivo has been showcasing some of its concept smartphone designs under the “Apex” branding since 2018.

    Apex devices from Vivo were among the first smartphones which have given us a glimpse at the new-age design features.

    New-age features include in-display fingerprint scanners, pop-up selfie-cameras, and many more things. It will be interesting to see what the next-gen Apex brings to the table this week.

    While Vivo doesn’t sell its Apex smartphones commercially, many of the features showcased in these devices typically trickle down to the company’s production devices later in the year.

    The pop-up selfie camera and in-display fingerprint scanners have already found their way to a number of devices over the past couple of years, so it will be cool to see if that happens with some of the innovative features in the Vivo Apex 2020.

    Vivo has now posted more teaser images showing off the Vivo Apex 2020 concept phone.

    The new images confirm that the Apex 2020 will come with a notch-less waterfall display, a 48MP Gimbal camera, and 5-7.5x Optical Zoom.

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