Web Application Development: Cost and Pricing Issues

    You may be wondering how much it costs for web application development, but to be sincere, there is no standard answer to that. This is because web application development involves many things, from building a website to custom software development to feature-rich web applications.

    As a business owner, it is something you must understand that with a top-notch custom web application, you will be successful digitally with customers. You may have been searching for the right web and custom software developer that will meet your challenges and fits your budget. 

    However, all the investment for web applications will surely pay off if you consider everything and seek the service of a professional web app development company. In this article, you will learn the factors that determine the web application development cost. Besides this, you will also learn how to cut the price when the development company turns out to be more expensive than your budget. 

    Factors that Affect Web Application Price.

    There are reasons why large and experienced web app development companies can’t tell you the price of the web app you are planning to build by just hearing you out. It is time to check what influences web app development cost and why a simple idea is rarely enough.

    1. Scope of Work

    The first thing that influences the price of web app development is the scope of the work and the app’s functionality. Every web app and mobile app development can’t be the same price because you may be planning to build a simple online store or an online brochure while other companies are planning to build a complex system. If you are a hotel manager and planning to build a hotel management software for payment systems, GPS navigation, you can expect to pay the same price as the company trying to build just an online store. Instead, choose Cloudbeds hotel management software. They have all of the tools in one spot, which will be less expensive.

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    Some web app development ensures you use various APIs, hosting, mobile compatibility, and database. And the more time it will take a custom software development agency or development company to develop, the more it will cost.

    In addition, another factor that also influences price from developers is giving them fast and strict deadlines; they might not have enough time and will have to develop your app having sleepless nights. In this case, your price will increase. 

    You also need to understand that your web app development price doesn’t end immediately when you start using it. The price may change over time. This is because technology is advancing day by day, and there may be new features and design elements you need to infuse as your audience grows. And this will affect your web application price.

    2. Complexity of your UI/UX Design

    Another factor that influences the cost and price issues in Web app development is the complexity of your UI/UX design. You need to know that custom UI/UX design services cost more than using a template. The difference in the price depends on your design complexity, animation, and number of elements. 

    Besides the fact that app interfaces shouldn’t just be unique but also eye-pleasant and easy to use. And to make this work, both website designers and web app developers will have to work together to bring all that to life. This has already influenced your price. 

    For example, for some development companies to design just a simple landing for 6-8 hours, it costs nothing less than $300-$400, and for 16-20 hours, the price increases to $800-$1,000.

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    These prices are without adding some elements, in the case where you want your custom developer agency to add pages that contain animations and some other element. The price will increase to $4,000-$5,000, depending on the development company’s rate. 

    3. Hiring Options 

    Hiring options are also factors that influence the cost and price of web application development. There are three common main hiring options when hiring a custom software development firm.

    • In-house team 
    • Freelance developers
    • Outsourcing company

    Each of these hiring prices is different, but it depends on your project requirements. For you to understand their pricing issues. Let’s dive in. 

    • In-house team

    If you are looking for a developer to work on your company’s web app development, or you want to assemble your in-house team, then this option is for you. It is a good option if you are one of the people that love to be involved in everything. The benefit of this option is that you have complete control over the team, the freedom to make any changes at any point in time, and no communication issues. But all with the issue of additional expenses of office rent, software, taxes, and hardware. 

    • Freelancers

    There are tons of websites that you can use to hire a software developer to help you build a web application. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to find a developer but not reliable like others. 

    They are not reliable because you are not your client’s only source of income. So, this may make them not be devoted to your project. In some cases, they may disappear in the middle of the project. The benefit of this option is low price, but you will have to hire a specialist to test the web app’s relevance after being delivered. This will cost you additional expenses. 

    • Outsourcing company
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    Outsourcing is gold. It is also a life hack for a decade now. The benefit of this option is if web app development services are expensive in your country and you can find another cheap offer in another country, you can hire them. 

    Also, you need to understand that with outsourcing, you are partnering with a team that can develop your web app from scratch to what you finally want. This hiring option is cheaper than other options. With this, you can save a lot on hiring. And you only pay for the hourly rates of the work done by the outsourcing company

    Ways to Approach Your Ideas.

    Think of the End Results.

    The most popular way to calculate your web application cost is to think of the result. Start with thinking of the result and the process to get there. 

    Differences in Web Apps

    When it comes to building a web application for your company, you have options and approaches mobile app development company. You can decide to use a custom template like WordPress and WIX. These ready-made templates lower the web app price and time because they already have a ready-made feature. 


    Many factors affect the price of web application development, and striving to have a fixed budget may be dangerous.  In the case where you noticed the price of a development company or custom software development firm is lower than what you expected. It would be good if you didn’t hurry to sign the contract. Ask for the detailed estimates because some developers don’t like including other necessary services. 

    You can also contact FortySeven experts. Who happens to be Hanna Shnaider. She is good at what she does. She may guide you and help you build the best software and web application to your taste.


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