5 Best Mac Tracking Apps to Secure your Computer

    Full form of Mac is Media Access Control which is the address assigned to each computer. It is known as the unique identifier of a computer. Mac Tracking Apps are a very useful and the most required apps because one can recover Mac if his or her personal computer gets stolen. It is so essential because if your personal computer or laptop gets stolen, along with a loss of money it can give access the thief to personal files, confidential documents, email, online banking details. This can be very risky. Laptops are also very costly and besides this, all the important and crucial files and documents are lost. If these things go in the hands of a wrong person it might be really harmful to the person who lost his PC.

    So to avoid this sort of cases one needs to know how to use mac tracking apps so that the person will be able to detect and retrieve Mac. These Mac tracking apps are able to click pictures and then it sends the pictures to the owner in an anonymous way. Most of the apps are able to track the location and then sends to the owner.

    5 Best Mac Tracking Apps to Secure your Computer

    5 Best Mac Tracking Apps to Secure your Computer

    I have seen many sites are sharing the guide on how to secure MacBook pro from theft but our mission is different. How Tech Hack is providing you with the tutorial of Best Mac Tracking Apps to Secure your Computer. Not the regular garbage which you find on other sites. Hence, you can secure your computer by using MacBook anti theft alarm. Follow the below steps to download free laptop tracking software: –

    So here below there is a list of some of the Mac tracking apps and their corresponding key feature.

    List of 5 Best Mac Tracking Apps to Secure your Computer: –

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    1. Prey:

    Prey Project

    Prey Project is one of the best apps. It sends a detailed and organised report to the owner (who has lost his or her personal computer) stating the location in the map, pictures of the screen of the computer. It also shows the sequential log in that was done from that device from the time when the laptop was stolen.

    The owner can tag the device as “Missing” in the control panel. By doing so he will be able to retrieve the lost data. He would also get the snapshots, of the screens, of that place, might be thief’s face also gets captured in the prey report. Thus this would help the owner to recover the Mac. Owner will also be able to lock the device by inserting password for securing files. This is open and thus available for free. For using some advanced features, one needs to upgrade the subscription which would cost 15 USD per month.

       Download Prey

    2. Absolute LoJack:

    macbook anti theft

    It is one of the most trusted apps. This has a very good lock feature which is its speciality. This app is very simple to use. It lets you lock your device by locking the Mac when it is stolen. Then the owner might find the Mac using GPS, IP address or some other location finding devices. It also helps in permanently deleting the data before it gets into the hands of the wrong person. It can be subscribed and the cost is 29 USD per month. So it also one of the cheapest Mac tracking app.

       Download Absolute LoJack

    3. Undercover:

    macbook anti theft alarm

    It is the first app in anti-theft software arena to transmit screenshots and the front camera pictures to the owner in every eight minutes. It supports wireless tracking of location. Undercover tracks the location with the help of internal and external IP addresses. It also has a “watch feature” which keeps a track of every step taken by the robber. It is available in the form of licenses and is costly but this app is totally worth it.

       Download Undercover

    4. Hidden:

    macbook theft insurance

    It keeps the track of each and every keystroke taken by the thief. It has all of the features of finding locations, sending screenshots and the pictures taken from the front camera. This app is unique because one can set up a reverse tunnelling feature to bypass firewall or some other routers. One can also warn the intruder with an alarming message. Thus it has a message broadcasting facility. It is available for different prices according to the features required by the user.

       Download Hidden

    5. Gadget Trak:

    macbook pro security lock

    This app is used to track for lost laptops. Its price is $20 per year. First, you need to download and install the software in the machine and then the second step is to register with your gadget trak account. Thus the report will be sent in the mail in every half an hour from when the laptop is stolen. The report includes location details, snapshots and pictures from a web camera. It would not be able to send any information as soon as the laptop turns off.

    Thus there were few applications that might help the user to track Mac and thus in regaining all the confidential and important files. These apps can also be termed as security apps. These apps also have the facility of GPS or location plots that becomes do very useful for the owner. Thus these apps should be used in a perfect manner to get the zenith of benefits from their extraordinary features.

       Download Gadget Trak


    To conclude upon this topic, I would like to mention that these apps are very resourceful and are made for the benefits of people. So they must use it in a right way and it should not be used for wrong purposes. The app must be kept updated by the user. The user must always be in touch with the service providers so that the new features are kept up to date in the app so that it can be used with success when in need.

    Frequent testing and analysis of the app are also required so that if any error or bugs appear in the app, it can be removed instantly by the device centre. So this thing should be really taken care of. Also, the users should first go for the free demo versions of the app before purchasing any particular Mac tracking app. This will help the user to understand the features of the app and then according to their will and needs they can purchase the app they desire for.

    So everyone should have one such app on their personal computer or laptop so that their devices remain stays protected from thieves. These apps are anti theft for MacBook, laptop or computer. This is thus necessary for security purposes.

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our Mac Tracking Apps, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

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