Things You Should Know Before Playing 8 Ball Pool Game

    Maybe you dream of being the best among all the pool players and getting all the praises. But unfortunately, playing pool is not your cup of tea. You may not have the top execution and would like a place to practice and be rewarded for it. Things You Should Know Before Playing 8 Ball Pool Game

    Maybe, you have just wanted to stick to the virtual world and compete against the millions of players out there. It could be that it is the digital crown that suits you and 8 ball pool game is all you need to realize your dream.

    Things You Should Know Before Playing 8 Ball Pool Game
    8 Ball Pool Tips

    8 ball pool game is one of the most popular game online. The objective is simple; you have to get to seven balls and finish with the 8 – ball, before your opponent gets his/ her set. You can choose between solid and stripes. The game also provides the option to practice offline, but the core of the game lies in the online multiplayer matches.

    Although the game itself is free, there is a pool shop where you buy pool cues, cash, table frames and other upgrades to advance faster in the game. It is not necessary but you will hard time to earn cash if you don’t put in real money. To help you further, here is a list of 8 ball pool hack tips you must know before you buy:

    Things You Should Know Before Playing 8 Ball Pool Game

    Things You Should Know Before Playing 8 Ball Pool Game

    1. Be wise in choosing your table

    If you are a new player to the game, you might be tempted to try your hand at bigger tables and win big. But 8 ball pool game is full of sharks and you are likely to be swindled out of your meager collection of coins. It is better to play safe but hard at first, develop your skills and then go on to bigger leagues.

    2. Make sure to open the app every day

    Even if you’re not planning to play that day, you should open the app daily. Because each day you get a free spin on the spin and win the game. Here, you have the chance to win some prizes daily. You can get coins, cash, and even pool cues. This way you build up your coin stash effortlessly without even playing a full round.

    3. You can simply ‘Tap to aim’

    Even if you have played for hours on end, there are some simple tricks that you might have overlooked. Each time you get a ball and get closer to putting the final ball, the time you have to take a shoot decreases.

    Imagine, you are in a situation where you have netted a ball and next has to be taken from another end of the table. And if you missed taking the shot before the time ran out, the opponent will have a ball in hand. Not a good situation. In that case, Tap to Aim could save your game.

    You can activate Tap to Aim from the menu settings and then just tap on the ball you want to pot during the game, and the cue will automatically reposition. However, Tap to Aim doesn’t always line up properly, and you have to adjust the aim, to net the ball.

    4. No distraction

    To win, people are not above cheating. And players are people, and there would be some who will try to break your concentration as you try to net the black ball. While you can simply turn on the ignore chat messages in the settings and then there is no distraction.
    If you happen to play the game on, they have focus mode which you can use to remove all type of distractions. Now go, and shoot away in peace.

    5. You can tweak the Cue sensitivity

    To take a precise shot, you need to have total control over your cue. Often, you may find the cue to be too sensitive or maybe not sensitive enough. Luckily, there is an option to change sensitivity in the settings. Play around with it, and you might end up improving your game.

    6. Buy a good cue

    Cue is significant and upgrading your cues will give you the advantage to win your games. They will give you more control over the cue ball, extra time to take the shot, longer aiming guides and more power in each shot. The initial ones are not that great, but as you slog for hours, you unlock more cues and amass the required coins to purchase them. Better cues are helpful in improving your game.

    7. Shoot faster but also think fast

    8 ball pool game is very fast paced, and each player has a very limited time to take the shot. The failure to do so will result not only missing the turn but also the opponent having the ball in hand, and he/she will move the cue ball as per his/her wish. To avoid this, make sure tap correctly to line up your shot and then make precise adjustments by dragging the cue’s handle. It is also a good idea to strategies and thinks three steps ahead before taking a shot.

    8. Control the power

    It is very important to decide on how much power you put in each shot. For example, if a ball is closer to the pot, it is better to use a low powered shot but that doesn’t mean that you should use a lot of power with longer shots as there is higher chance that the ball won’t go in. There is no set formula to this. You can only learn to deduce this maths of applying perfect power by practice.

    As of now, that’s all folks. Hope this suggestion and tricks help you in your game. Now go on and play to win.

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