After Samsung & Royole, Xiaomi Too Draws Out a Foldable Phone!

    Xiaomi finally shows off its foldable prototype through a teaser. In a video posted by Company’s president and co-founder Lin Bin, he’s seen handling this tablet-type foldable phone with ease, and that’s cool.

    After Samsung & Royole, Xiaomi Too Draws Out a Foldable Phone!

    Xiaomi Foldable Phone
    Xiaomi Foldable Phone

    Unlike Samsung or Royole’s, which are folded in book-type, Xiaomi’s prototype is seen foldable to three folds.

    Upon folding it, the UI adjusts itself to the fit the small screen perfectly.

    The company didn’t say anything much about the phone but just a confirmation by the teaser. That seemed enough for critics to judge already, as they’ve already determined this device to be better than Samsung’s X/F or Flexpai.

    Besides these, LG and Huawei too are touted to be working on their foldable things.

    Leaving the US anyway.

    One of the biggest markets is always a choice for Xiaomi. US is dominated by Apple, Samsung, LG, and Motorola. Though Huawei is a better existent, it’s constantly facing traumas from authorities. Same happens to Xiaomi and other Chinese players. Trade wars between China and the US have further escalated these problems. All these reasons sum up for Xiaomi to neglect US market. Thus, it’s a major focus to be within the Asia Pacific only.


    Analysts have already anticipated the effects of these upcoming devices.

    It’s not the features, but Handling problems! Though these phones seem interesting to see, they need to be carefully handled to avoid smudging. Holding firmly or even placing it down somewhere when folded too can cause smears or scratches.

    Secondly, the thickness! Just by seeing the Flexpai or other prototypes, we can see how hard it becomes to handle when folded. They get bulky and tough.

    So, what do you think? Tell us below.

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