Amazon Introduced “Flex Program” in India to Let Individuals Earn Some Extra Cash

    Gone are those days where you need to wait for days or weeks to get a package delivered from other state or country. Online retailers like Flipkart, Amazon, etc are delivering the desired goods within days or even hours (Prime Now) today. Though the goods are the same on every platform, their efficiency of delivery would strongly impact customers perception about the service. And yo retain them, the delivery should be made comfortable for both the customer and the executive.

    Amazon Introduced “Flex Program” in India to Let Individuals Earn Some Extra Cash

    Amazon Flex
    Amazon Flex

    In a means of attracting them, Amazon introduced Prime and Prime Now for customers. And for delivery executives, which Amazon calls as independent contractors, has their super flexible options coming in soon.

    Amazon has just introduced its “Flex Program” in India, after being introduced in six countries since last year. By this program, any person from the general public can wish to deliver goods of Amazon’s and earn money. For that, you gotta have a two/three/four wheeler vehicle as mandatory and should be complying all the rules as mentioned. Amazon says there’s a scope of Students, Retired persons, housewives, etc in this program. The payment will be settled accordingly (Rs.120-140/hr) on every Wednesday.

    All you need to do is to register for the program ( and wait for acceptance. You need to submit your vehicle documents, PAN, etc for verification before jumping in.

    In the program launch, Akhil Saxena, vice-president of Asia Customer Fulfilment ┬ásaid, “While we continue to scale our existing delivery capabilities across the country, Amazon Flex will enable Amazon to continue growing our capacity to serve more customers and speed up deliveries.

    This program is opened for Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi for now.

    Delivery Process:

    The process is pretty simple. All you need to do is book a delivery block, pick up the item and deliver. You’ll be flown through petty processes that Amazon does like, upon reaching the delivery station, you’ll be meeting with the delivery station guy who asks you to scan the barcodes of packages that are to be taken by you to deliver. Even if you face any difficulties in between, you can immediately reach out to Amazon’s support team through the app.

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