JVC Launches Smart LED TVs in India from Rs.7,499 Onwards. Sold Through Flipkart From Today


Not just smartphones, but smart TVs too are becoming a necessity for urban people these days. And in a market like India, people care so much about the output they’re obtaining for the price they pay. Players such as Xiaomi, Thomson and Flipkart’s MarQ are offering best TV sets at unbelievable prices on online stores. JVC is one such player.

JVC Launches Smart LED TVs in India from Rs.7,499 Onwards. Sold Through Flipkart From Today


Today, it has launched six smart LED TVs starting from Rs.7,499. These TVs range in between 24″ to 39″ and sold through Flipkart.

The models are priced as:

  • JVC 24N380C (24″) for Rs.7,499.
  • JVC 32N380C (32″) for Rs.9,999.
  • JVC 32N385C (32″) for Rs.11,999.
  • JVC 32N3105C (32″) for Rs.11,999.
  • JVC 39N380C (39″) for Rs.15,999 and
  • JVC 39N3105C (39″) for Rs.16,999

Out of these, Model 32N3105C stands as an integral variant of all. It shall come with hundreds of streaming apps and super intelligent AI. The JVC maker – Viera Group claims that its AI can read/process their viewer’s interest and push similar suggestions on to the homepage. It contains an Ethernet port, 2 USB ports, and 3 HDMI ports. It even comes with a smart remote controller for operating easily.

This 32″ TV has a resolution of 1366x768p and a 24W speaker.

Not just these, but JVC has previously launched some bigger variants of 48″, 55″ etc TVs at cheaper prices in India. All these are available through Flipkart.

The others:

Other brands like Xiaomi, Thomson and Flipkart’s MarQ are all starting their products at Rs.7000 onwards. Thomson has launched a new series of TVs a couple of days back. And that bunch is up for sale from today onwards. Thomson’s series start from a 43″ TV offered for Rs.29,999 to all the way up.

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