Does Really Reveal Satoshi’s Identity? Maybe not!

    Never ever thought one could hide this greatly in this digital age. He didn’t even leave a tiny clue before going missing.

    The creator of the world’s first cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), Satoshi Nakamoto has been an interesting mystery ever since Bitcoin was created. But everyone started caring about his identity only after Bitcoin has its biggest ever pump of $20,000 (nearly) in December last year.

    Does Really Reveal Satoshi’s Identity? Maybe not!

    And now, there’s a site claiming to reveal the identity of the creator within days!

    Besides being a possible hoax, this one-page website going with a hashtag “gotsatoshi” drew enough attention already in the blockchain community and from enthusiasts worldwide.

    With very few followers in their social networks, this site doesn’t seem very promising on its claims. But, the simple statements like “Where in the world is Satoshi?” and “Can’t find Satoshi? Sign up for the live unveiling” has done enough to grab some traffic.

    Check here –

    What’s actually happening?

    Most of the critics have already guessed the possibility of deception. They said, this countdown would eventually show nothing as desired but to gain popularity. They’re expecting this as just a clever PR stunt pulled by marketers of some shitcoin’s launch.


    The countdown is somehow matching with the time period of Consensus meet 2019 held in New York.

    (Consensus is an annual general meeting for blockchain enthusiasts, developers, businesses since 2015. And this year’s meeting is greatly marketed by Coindesk, a blockchain and crypto news provider.)

    So, everyone’s expecting this timer site is a mere marketing campaign for gaining attention to Consensus meet.

    But wait, some crucial details from gathered by reveals, this site’s domain was created a way back in May 2017, but been dormant till last month! And the owner/actual register is yet unclear.

    What do you think of this new setup? Let us know below.

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