Google Chrome is set to come with their new “Live Caption Feature” for Easy & Safe Audio Transcribing!

The Tech giant Google has announced few of the best potential features and was introduced for their flagship Pixel Devices! Now Google is been trying to spread their wings and help others to make use of this potential feature named "Live Caption Feature" which will help you to transcribe your audio file to relevant subtitles!

Live Caption Feature

Few sources say that, as like our previously mentioned posts on “Introduction of Live Caption Feature on Samsung S20 Series

So after that hype, we got a new update which is more about “Google Chrome” Where it is said that the most used browser interface Google Chrome may soon come with the support of “Live Captions feature” for providing the users with the real-time captions for the audio files playing on the browser.

Live Caption Feature

The new feature is apparently for a part of the Speech on-Device API (SODA) and is expected to arrive on Chrome Canary before being rolled out to the stable channel later.

Google introduced this new feature named “Live Captions feature” on the new flagships phones from Google named “Pixel Phones” The new feature was introduced with the launch of Android 10 in the year of 2019.

Live Caption Feature, from its name we can assume that, it means this feature allows your device to display real-time captions for any audio content like videos, podcasts, irrespective of whether the content itself supports the feature natively.

Live Caption Feature is more about real-time transcribing for the audio file on your device. This feature helps you to make the process faster and seamless but also preserves it for enhanced user privacy.

Official Logo for the most used Browser interface around the world Google Chrome
Official Logo for the most used Browser interface around the world Google Chrome

Few reports say that Developers working for Chrome are more focused to develop more than just a live caption system with the new feature!

A Google employee is claiming that the Chrome OS team is also looking at “other ways of the speech recognition system, all been set, they may build it in the future”

This feature is said to arrive on all desktop platforms, including Chromebooks, Windows, Linux, and Mac, although, the exact details remain unclear so far!

Google's Live Caption Feature
Google’s Live Caption Feature

Live Captions feature will arrive in Chrome. It is said to come with the same working model which was found on Google’s Pixel devices. Even this mentioned in our last post that Live Caption makes it be making it an essential accessibility feature on Android not only for people with hearing disabilities but also for folks who are trying to watch a video in an exceptionally noisy place.

It would an interesting aspect to see when this feature will finally make its way to a public Chrome build, but as for now chances for this is less and may happen any time in the future, the new feature for Chrome is still under the very early stages of development.

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