Google Releases The Final Android P Developer Preview

    Hello guys, here is the good news for all of us and the news is that Google has released a developer preview of the next version of the Android. The name of this developer is “Android P” but this has not been yet cleared that how many challenges the users are going to face this time as this developer P is mostly focused on the changes that will affect the developers. Some of the interesting features of this developer P are given below.

    Google Releases The Final Android P Developer Preview

    Google Releases The Final Android P Developer Preview
    Google Releases The Final Android P Developer Preview

    Notch Support

    As seen in the Essential PH-1 and iPhone X, Android P also includes official support for Camera cut outs, sometimes also called notches. This year, there are already many phones arriving this year with a camera cut out. The developers will be now according to the documentation will be able to change the status bar height to avoid irksome letterboxing and accommodate the notch.

    Revamped Design

    Google is aiming for a major aesthetic overhaul with Android P as getting the hint by the preview images. Here’s what it looks like:

    Android P Developer Preview

    Better Notifications

    You can now send AI-powered smart reply and also see the attached pictures right from the notification panel. Google is constantly looking to evolve the part of OS as notifications are arguably the heart of the Android experience.

    Multi-Camera API

    This is an amazing feature of Android P that is it includes native support for multiple cameras. Like Snapchat or Instagram, you will able to use features such as bokeh, zoom and even stereo vision within the camera section.

    Indoor Navigation

    Android P introduces support for the IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol, which is also known as WiFi Round Trip Time (RTT). It means that your Android will help to navigate while at the indoor locations.

    Features of Android P Developer Preview

    HDR and HEIF

    With the help of the Android P version, you can also view movies in HDR quality for streaming shows on HDR compatible devices.

    So, in this article, there was much about related to the newly launched Android P. Hope, this was helpful.

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