Huawei’s Future in US is Disturbing. Govt. Grants a Temporary Relief after Big Ban!

Huawei is recently named as the second biggest OEM after Samsung, beating Apple even. It’s a conglomerate having its wings to various sectors in China and in across the world. Yet, facing allegations for spying and data threats in the most popular nation – US!

Huawei’s Future in US is Disturbing. Govt. Grants a Temporary Relief after Big Ban!

Huawei Ban
Huawei Ban

Since Trump’s office, the US Government is charging Huawei for being a spy from China and posses serious data threats to the country. Considering eliminating it somehow, the US government orders tech companies in the nation to cut off ties from Huawei. To which, most of them are complying. Chipmakers like Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom, etc have announced their breakups followed by Google, which gave the biggest bang previously.

Google announced its discontinuation of relations with Huawei and stoppage of its services. Regarding this, no Huawei Smartphones after this announcement may have Google’s proprietary apps like Gmail, Playstore, YouTube, Chrome, etc. But the existing phones will have these and wouldn’t be affected, as per Google.

As Huawei’s are running on Android, taking off the platform from them could seriously affect Huawei in such a competitive industry.

Huawei’s plans to outlive!

Being a serious player with huge financial and global support, Huawei would not fall down that easily. There are rumors that the company is working on its native base platform for a long time. Maybe, this could be the time to unleash it.

Whatever, the just-now granted temporary license of the 90-day period (lasting till August 19) for the company could be a little relief. That is to maintain existing networks and provide software updates to existing Huawei handsets. This case would turn really interesting after August 19.

Who’s falling back?

The US waving off Huawei from the country is like setting itself back from the race of 5G. As there’s no other US native company having the infrastructure and strategy as of Huawei, US’s hard plans for Huawei can definitely impact the nation.

On the other hand, Huawei isn’t a major player in the US and neither the US market is a major revenue stream for the company. Huawei’s smartphone revenue share flows mostly from European and Asian countries.

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