JBL Launched Five Headphones in India Starting from Rs.2,499

Though Harman Kardon makes some fine audio systems, its subsidiary JBL is a specialist in consumer audio systems. The company has just announced five new on-ear headphones in several price ranges. Let’s check ’em.

JBL Launched Five Headphones in India Starting from Rs.2,499

JBL Headphones
JBL Headphones



The premium of this series, 650BTNC is an over-the-ear headphone with up to 30hours of battery backup. With powerful 40mm drivers, this gadget has active noise cancellation as a special feature which can clog the external noises.

LIVE 500BT and 400BT

The next in the row are 500BT and 400BT headphones, which are, in some ways, seemed better than 650BTNC. These two headphones don’t have the Active noise cancellation feature but have Ambient Aware that adjusts according to surroundings and, TalkThru which lets you control the sound and speak to someone in between without taking off the set.

  • Accessing Alexa and Google Assistant!

The premiums, 650BTNC, 500BT, and 400BT headphones come with in-built support of Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Voice Assistant. They can be easily activated by a tap on earcup and lets you handle petty works of your smartphone. You can get weather updates, text your friend or even talk to them.

LIVE 200BT and LIVE 100BT

These two headphones wouldn’t come with premium features like TalkThru, Ambient Aware, and ANC, but has all the required features that a headphone should possess. Furthermore, these don’t support voice assistants.

All these headphones support Bluetooth 4.2 and weigh nearly or little over quarter KG.

Prices and Availability:

  • 650BTNC is for Rs.12,599,
  • 500BT ┬áis for Rs.9,999,
  • 400BT is for Rs.7,899,
  • LIVE 200BT is for Rs.5,299 and the affordable of all, LIVE 100 is for Rs.2,499.

All these headphones are set up of the sale of JBL’s official website (jbl.com) and their retail outlets. Some of the headphones on jbl.com are even discounted as an initial offering, so better grab now than later.

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