KineMaster Mod Apk (No Watermark + Unlocked)

What is KineMaster Mod Apk?

KineMaster Mod an editing app for editing videos on your Android smartphone. Kinemaster Mod is a powerful editing tool that is very easy to use. With the help of KineMaster Mod, you can create high quality professional and personal videos. The application is designed for Android devices. It has all features unlocked and has no watermark. You can easily edit, create, and share your videos through this app.

Features of KineMaster Mod Apk:

Multiple Layers and Effects
Various Themes
Speed Control
Animation Styles
Stickers and Images
Instant Preview
Transition Effects
Audio Filter and Adjustments
Chrome Key Feature
Frame-by-Frame Trimming
Social Media Sharing
Real Time Recording
Supports all Versions
Supports all video formats
Brightness and saturation controls
Audio and Video effects
Voice Recording
No Watermark

How to Download Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk?

Follow the following steps to easily download Kinemaster Mod Apk:

Follow the following steps to easily download Kinemaster Premium Mod Apk:

  • Enable all unknown sources on your device.
  • Go to your Settings option on your device and then further select the Security option. Then search for unknown sources under the device administrator and then enable unknown sources.
  • Download the file from the link provided below.

   Download KineMaster Mod Apk

  • Locate the file and complete the installation of the application on your device.
  • Now you can use the application and make necessary settings only if required. Hence you can enjoy the benefits of the application.

Is KineMaster Mod Apk safe to download and use?

The files of the application are been scanned using various antivirus and malware detection software like Norton, Avast, AVG, and Shields. The App isn’t forked or coded. Yet it is really a paid form that is hosted on the site, so there are no methods for any outsider trackers or malware which could bridle your privacy. The document is likewise tried on the emulator and TurstGo Ad Detector App. Furthermore, from our test, we can guarantee you that the App is safe to download and use. Hence you can enjoy all the benefits of the application without any stress.

Other variants of KineMaster Mod?

1. KineMaster Diamond Apk

KineMaster Diamond Apk is a popular video editing application for mobiles. The application acts similar to a professional video editing software for Android users. It is a mod version of the original KineMaster application.

Features of KineMaster Diamond Apk:
No Watermark
Supports all video formats
3D transitions effects
Easy to use
Share on various social media platforms
Instant preview of the edited videos that can be converted to a video
Choice of themes
Access of all the premium features of the KineMaster application
Multiple layers of videos
Chrome Key enabled
Various controls

   Download KineMaster Diamond Apk

2. KineMaster Lite Unlocked Apk

The KineMaster Lite Unlocked Apk is another great video editing application that is available for both iOS and Android mobile users. The application is a mod version of the original KineMaster application. The application is light means it uses less space on the device. The application is great because it consumes less storage, less RAM, and also saves battery.

Features of KineMaster Lite Unlocked Apk:
No Watermark
Multiple audio and video layers
Chrome Key enable
3D effects for images and videos
Share of various social media platforms
Choice of theme
Easy and faster to use
Export videos in 720p\1080p\4K
Various advanced features

   Download KineMaster Lite Unlocked Apk

3. KineMaster Prime Apk

KineMaster Prime Apk is another premium substitute version of the original KineMaster application. The original KineMaster application needs to be download first and then install KineMaster Prime Apk. This way you will get all the benefits of the application. The application does not require lots of storage. It is ideal for people who have low RAM and low processing power.

Features of KineMaster Prime Apk:
Add different video effects and stickers
Direct share option on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
Speed control for videos
Audio and video filters
No watermark
Supports video formats like MP4, 3GP and MOV
Supports image formats like JPEG, PNG, WebP, BMP and Gif
Supports audio formats like MP3, M4A, AAC and WAV

   Download KineMaster Prime Apk

4. Green KineMaster Pro Apk

Green KineMaster Pro Apk is one of the powerful editing applications for Android users. Mostly YouTubers use this application for editing their videos. The application is easy to use. The size of the application is approximately 35MB. The application is great for both professional and personal use.

Features of Green KineMaster Pro Apk:
Apply multiple layers
Control over speed
Background change
More then 1000 gifs and stickers
Share on various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and Google+
No watermark
Background change
Multiple aspect ratio supported
Export Low Quality to High Quality Videos
Voice changer and Voice over

   Download Green KineMaster Pro Apk


1. Can I use KineMaster Mod Apk for editing my YouTube videos?

Yes. You can use KineMaster Pro Apk to edit not only personal files but also professional files. You can edit videos and audios for almost all social media sites easily.

2. Can I use KineMaster Mod Apk on PC or Laptops?

Yes. You can download and install KineMaster Pro Apk on your Pc or Laptop. You can do that with the help of an android emulator or Bluestacks.

3. What is “Bitrate” in KineMaster Mod Apk ?

Bitrate is the number or count of bits per second. Bit determines the quantity or size of a particular audio or video file. So, if the bit rate is higher the quality of the audio or video is expected to be better.

4. Is KineMaster Mod Apk free ?

Yes, it is free to use and download. It is an easy to use application too.

KineMaster Mod Apk is a great video and audio editing application. It has amazing features that you can use for absolutely free. Hence go ahead and download it to get all its amazing benefits.

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