Pokemon GO’s New Update: Player vs Player Mode!

    Pokemon Go took very less time to become a household name. Maybe because of its infamous records for accidental stories or appraisal from the users, it has received a lot of critical appreciation from wide arrays.

    Its new version had rolled out minor changes, which are very much desirable by the gamers since its inception.

    Pokemon GO’s New Update: Player vs Player Mode!

    Pokemon GO New Update
    Pokemon GO New Update

    Player vs Player Battle mode! – Hydrating the thirsty ones.

    How to –

    • Players of level 10 and above are eligible for this new battle mode.
    • Just tap ‘Nearby‘ in the menu and opt for ‘Battle‘ mode. You would be shown up a ‘Battle Code‘ which is supposed to be scanned by your opponent (or vice-versa) to join. After linking up, players make a team of three Pokemons each from their lists to battle up.
    • Unlike PUBG and COC, Pokemon Go demands the opponent’s physical presence for battling. Scanning the code and fighting has to be done nearby.
    • If not the above, players may challenge their ‘Ultra‘ or ‘Best‘ friends to battle remotely.
    • The selected Battle Pokemons are barred by CP limits, limiting them only to a certain power of their originals. This is to proceed a fair competition between uneven powered Pokemons.
    • Players, once a day, can battle against AI build team leaders like Blanche, Candela, and Spark as practice and other real Trainer leaders.
    • Irrespective of win-lose, this PvP mode rewards both the competing players with loots, but only thrice a day. Such rewards may include Sinnoh stone which helps Pokemons grow to Gen 4 form.
    • This version give Trainers with more options of skin tones and hair colours to their avatars.
    • Niantic suggested that, even if there’s an error showing up this change after updating, try resetting the app and relaunching.
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    So, what are you waiting for? Remember the good old days of walking miles to catch a Pokemon? Now do the same to battle against your partner.

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