The most famous and trust phone manufacturing company Realme has plans for something big. As for now, Realme is known for mobile phone and making a huge hit and trust from the audience all around the world, Realme has officially announced that they will enter into TV market as well.

Realme will join with their other competitive phone manufacturers like Xiaomi and OnePlus who have succeeded already in the TV manufacturing industry. So, as like phones here also we will get to see varieties of TV from both of the brands.

Even “Nokia” has come into the TV industry since last year, so we can say that like phones, TVs will come in with a lot of features at affordable prices.

Realme TV – Everything you should know about the TV

Just within a year, their competitive phone manufacturer named “Xiaomi” became the number one TV brand in India, so for that Realme could become a huge challenge for Xiaomi with their own range of budget smart TVs.

Just like Xiaomi, OnePlus also revealed their first-ever Smart TVs in the premium segment.

It’s been also said that Realme TVs will come into Budget Range to Mid-Range price tags.

To compete against Xiaomi, Realme will come with their TVs in the budget range to the upper mid-range segment.

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Realme TV – When will it arrive?

The first-ever Realme TV might arrive in India first.

The CMO of Realme Xu Qi said that Realme TV will come on the 24th of February in 2020 on the first event in the MWBC (Mobile World Barcelona Congress).

Realme TV – Will Realme TVs Succeed?

After looking at, how Xiaomi succeeded in India with its set of Smart TVs, other companies will try to succeed as Xiaomi did with TVs.

We can assume that Realme Smart TVs will maintain the same flow of making budget-oriented Smart TV’s as well.

Realme TVs will follow the same route as Xiaomi did with MI Smart TVs.

Realme TV – What all TV Variants we will get to see?

Realme said that Realme Smart TV’s variants will start from 32-inch screen to 65-inch screen, with few of the sizes like 40-inch, 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch will come in between these two-gap.

If we talk about UI in Realme Smart TVs, Few leaks say that the new TV’s will come in with Android with its own OS supporting additional content.

Realme TV – Will the new TV come with OTT Platforms?

The new realme TV will come on with support for OTT platforms, which means the new TV will come in with the support of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar.

Realme TV – Realme UI for TV

Realme officials confirmed they will come in with their own customized OS. Like the phone OS named “Realme OS

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Recently, Realme unveiled that their range TV’s will come with a launcher called the Realme UI based on ColorOS 7 over Android 10.

Realme TV: Realme TV’s Prices in India

It’s been said that Realme will come in with their TVs at very mind-blowing and attention-seeking pricing and realme officials said that this time there won’t be any compromises for features in their TV’s as well.

Realme TV’s can be a challenging factor for the already available best TVs in the same budget range.

While OnePlus, the sister company of Realme already have their own TVs in the premium segment. So this makes a clear cut that the TV’s from Realme might get into more into budget and mid-range price tag markets.

If we talk about their pricing, Realme TV could expect to start from Rs 10,000 to Rs 12,000 for their smallest screen, “32-inch”.

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