The Quad Chinese Smartphone Giants working for their own personalized store

The Quad Chinese Phone Giants working for their own personalized store. It is also said that this platform will become an additional revenue for developers, as this will enable the developers to upload their creative apps in multiple stores in one go.


The Huge Chinese smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, and Huawei are working together for an alternative platform for the Google play store. Quad companies are working together to develop a unified platform for developers outside of China to upload apps to all their respective app stores.

Will this be a huge hit for the Google Play store?

Google Play Store
The Quad Chinese phone manufacturers may come in with an alternative platform of Google Play Store

This platform is developed under the Global Developer Service Alliance (GDSA) so that it could compete against the Google Play Store. This way, developers can easily develop their own personalized apps and games and upload them and avail them of multiple app stores.

This approach could help to increase the reach of their apps to more consumers, considering how these Chinese smartphone brands have huge consumers for using their developed handsets across the globe. This approach can also become an additional source of revenue for the upcoming creative developers.

Platform’s availability

The Quad Chinese companies who are involved for the development of an unnamed alternative platform of Google Play Store
The Quad Chinese companies who are involved for the development of an unnamed alternative platform of Google Play Store

According to a report from a GDSA’s website, this platform will initially be availed on nine regions which include regions like,

  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Russia and
  • Malaysia

The platform was initially planned to roll out in March of 2020, but we may see some delay in rolling out of this platform due to the serious outbreak of coronavirus across china.

Is Huawei involved in this project?

A Xiaomi spokesman said that Huawei might not be involved in this project. The GDSA website just came in with the logos of Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi together. GDSA is to facilitate the process of uploading apps by developers to app stores developed by Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo in one go. There is no competitive interest raised between this service and the Google Play store.

Oppo Vivo and Xiaomi Transfer Protocol Service
Their previous projects were such a hit were, the trio company Oppo Vivo and Xiaomi developed a Transfer Protocol Service, which enables you to transfer data more seamlessly.

As for now, we didn’t get any official confirmation from other brands who are involved in this project. If we see at their past team project, the trio smartphone giants Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi came in wit a seamless new file transfer features. It’s already live and is also available in selected smartphones rolled by mentioned above brands.

What will happen if Huawei joins the group?

Huawei's Harmony OS
For not depending on Google Mobile Service, Huawei has come with their Own OS, named as “Harmony OS” we may also see this coming in future flagships from Huawei.

If we see, with this feature, Huawei will get a huge plus point, if they are involved in GDSA, especially as they are no longer coming with Google Mobile Services (GMS) on their new upcoming smartphones. The company has to work a lot more and bring more developers to support its in-house operating system. If we talk about their OS, HarmonyOS, Huawei might launch its upcoming flagships like “the Huawei P40 series” with HarmonyOS out of the box!

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