Samsung S20+ is officially launched- With 120Hz display, Massive battery & a Quad camera setup

As we mentioned in our post about Top upcoming phones in February of 2020!

Samsung is all set! With their Flagship lineups for 2020! Samsung has announced its wonder! Flagships like Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+, and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with its Box
Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with its Box

Although there are only a few tweaks done between Samsung Galaxy S20 and the elder Brother Samsung Galaxy S20+, we have talked about the youngest brother in the S20 lineup in another article as well, well to know more about the mid brother you need to have a look on the youngest brother first so that it could be easier for you to understand. Do checkout Asap!

Samsung just unveiled their S20 lineups and clamshell foldable, the Galaxy Z flip! That is a topic for another article.

Here are the specs and features for the Samsung Galaxy S20+ phone.

Spec sheet – Samsung Galaxy S20+

Samsung Galaxy S20+ with its box
Samsung Galaxy S20+ with its box

Samsung Galaxy S20+ is the true successor of the old flagships from Samsung for the year 2019, which was Samsung Galaxy S10+!

So, is the new phone good enough from last year? The answer to that is Obviously Yes! The new phones from Samsung could be a huge jump from their old flagship, a jump is in price and also in specs!


Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra's Huge Screen
Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s Huge Screen

The new flagship for 2020, comes in with a huge flagship spec as well! The screen on both S20 models.

If we talk about the screen, Samsung Galaxy S20+ is powered with a 6.7 inches Quad HD+ Oled displays with support of 120Hertz refresh rate! And also as like many other flagships, Samsung Galaxy S20+ also supports HDR10,

Samsung Galaxy S20+ also comes in with a touch rate of twice more than its refresh rate! This means Samsung Galaxy S20+ has a touch sensitivity feature which means the response to touch input in this new flagships is twice as fast, so in the screen segment, the eldest brother gets double-checked!

This makes the phone to be smoother and has an enriching experience! So, Samsung has finally come in with the adaptation of high refresh rate screens!

The design of the screen in the phones comes in with an Infinity O Display. Samsung has also gone with a flat-screen rather than the curved which was introduced in older flagships.

Note: There is a limitation that Samsung has gone with, it’s not a big limit, although this function is to save your battery usage!

The function is, as mentioned above Samsung S20 lineups come in with a 120Hertz refresh rate!

But the only limitation here is if you switch the phone to 120 Hertz, the screen resolution in the phone gets locked up to a 1080p resolution (2400x 1080 Pixels) and when you switch the phone to 60Hertz the resolution in the phone bumps up to the highest resolution 1440p (3200×1440 Pixels).

This won’t be a downfall in this device as this helps you to get more battery backup, so no complaints on this!

What is inside the hood?

Key Specs of Samsung Galaxy S20+
Key Specs of Samsung Galaxy S20+

The phone comes in with a decently huge 4500mAh battery with support of 25W fast charging as well. And you will get the support of wireless charging as well.

If we get a dive into the device, you will get the latest Soc from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 865 (the First phone for 2020 to come with flagship processor from Qualcomm), although in few selected markets the phone will come in with the Exynos processor!

Then comes the Ram, Samsung has been increasing the Ram capacity year by a year last year the Ram was stopped at 8GB and now the new Samsung Galaxy S20+ comes with a mind-blowing 12GB of LDDR5 Ram! And internal storage of 128GB or 512GB and also you will get an expandable option as well.

As like other flagship from Samsung and other brand expect OnePlus till now, this phone also comes in with the latest IP rating, Hence, Samsung Galaxy S20+ is Ip68 rated!

What’s new in the Camera department?

Samsung Galaxy S20+ with its Quad Cameras
Samsung Galaxy S20+ with its Quad Cameras

As like their midrange and older flagships like Samsung S10 lite, the new phone comes in with a square module!

Although, Samsung has improved its Camera Sensors from their old flagships in a lot more way.

Back Camera

Samsung highlighted more about their Cameras for their flagships, Samsung comes in with Quad camera sensors, the configuration is 12MP+64MP+12MP cameras with a depth camera which is missing in the younger brother!

The new camera is featured with the new 12MP main sensor with an aperture of F1.8.

Then comes the 3X with a 64MP telephoto camera with an aperture of F2.0.

Then comes the 12MP ultra-wide Camera with an aperture of F2.2.

All these sensors are physically larger from their older flagships! Which makes a huge improvement in low light photos, light sensitivity. And also the phone comes in with a high Zoom capability. This comes in the special feature section down below!

Front Camera

With the main sensor, the camera supported with the main camera in front of 10MP Sensor!

What’s in the software department?

All of Samsung's S20 lineups will come in with Samsung One UI 2.0 based on Android 10
All of Samsung’s S20 lineups will come in with Samsung One UI 2.0 based on Android 10

Samsung Galaxy S20+ comes in with a brand new Samsung’s One UI on top of the Android 10 out of the box.

What is so special in this phone?

Samsung has been teasing a lot more about the Samsung Galaxy S20+’s Camera for a while!

As mentioned above, the new phone comes in with a quad-camera module, 12MP + 64MP + 12MP with a Depth Camera is the configuration!

The new phone comes in with serious zoom capabilities! The phone is capable of 30x hybrid zoom and 10x optical zoom as well!

The rear camera comes with the support of 8K video support as well! But the thing you have keep in mind is for shooting an 8K video is 33 Megapixels per frame, and the main camera is 12 Megapixels! So here Samsung uses its 64MP telephoto camera for shooting 8K video as well.

But 8K videos don’t support multi-focusing or video effects as well. The 8K support in the camera department needs to be improved a bit.

What all colours does it comes with?

Samsung Galaxy S20+ with its trio camera
Samsung Galaxy S20+ with its trio camera

Samsung Galaxy S20+ is said to come in with trio colours,

  • Cosmic Grey
  • Cloud Blue and
  • Cloud Black.

How much does Samsung Galaxy S20+ costs?

We did make a previous post on the prediction price for Samsung Galaxy S20 lineups and it is moreover the exact same we predicted!

As we said, the Samsung Galaxy S20+ will come for a starting price of $1199 roughly making about 85K.

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