Selling your Phone or Tablet? SellCell is the place you should look for.

Selling your phone? Where do you guys look for the best deal?

Bargaining at brick and mortar stores or browse online for best deals?

Well, visiting every offline store could be a pain for a homebody. And if you’re surfing online to find one, you may think of security threats and money issues. Yet, if you can find one like eBay to trade in and a fine one. But if you learn more, there’s another interesting site which is more productive than eBay. Effective and quick,  it’s Sellcell!

Selling your Phone or Tablet? SellCell is the place you should look for.


USA’s topmost phone/tablet resell portal. Ever since it started its services in 2008, it processed over two million devices through it,  its sellers and buyers with what they want.

It’s simple UI and good service made it stand at the top surpassing its competitors.

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Here’s how it works:

The user, basically a newbie, visits the site and checks for his mobile in the search box firstly.

Upon finding the model in the results, you will be asked about the phone’s network.

Further details regarding the capacity (ROM) and its condition should be provided.

That’s it, you will be shown numerous quotations from each buyback sellers across the US to choose from.

(Famous buybacks like 7star Tradein, Declutter, Whizcells, Gazelle, FairTrade etc are shown at the top to give you the best quotes. But you still find more surfing through.)

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Even after choosing your buyer, you’ll be further asked the same questions about device’s condition, network etc (that’s for seller’s info).

You’d be asked about ESN (Electronic Serial Number) at one point. That’s important and defines your selling price.

How? ESN or IMEI number acts as a credit rating here. A bad ESN can affect your selling price very much. This could happen for various reasons like having an outstanding balance or reporting your phone about theft anytime.

Every detail you enter here is important. Providing fake details like wrong capacity or ESN can be considered as fraud and may lead to issues. Better not to fake and get caught.

Well, if everything goes fine and you finally setup up a deal, you ship the phone and wait for verification from the seller. If clean as you said, they transfer the agreed amount immediately. Almost all the listed buyback sellers vowed to one-day payment period through PayPal. That’s quick and easy.

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(You can always check your ESN status in IMEI info websites like or others.)

That’s not everything. SellCell wouldn’t be such popular if it hadn’t this policy called “Best price guaranteed“. It’s when you find a higher price offered from any buyer within 24hours of the transaction, SellCell pays you to double the difference! It isn’t a mere promise, SellCell delivers. It’s so confident as it covers all the possible sellers while quoting and has no chance of failure.

Popular ones hardly doom. SellCell has been in this industry for a decade and doing good. Its testimonials and features in popular reports make it more trustable.

The only thing we’re waiting for is SellCell to spread wide. It’s currently operating in the US and Canada only. Growing into other markets is what we’re waiting for. But if you’re an American or Canadian, don’t miss this option while selling your device.

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