The Wait Is Over! Tencent Launches PUBG Mobile Lite in India

    The action-packed game which caused enough havoc in the gaming industry recently has prepared to hit the major division of the big market.

    As Indians settle with low RAM capacitated phones, their desire to play PUBG which requires higher resources is now satisfied with the launch of “PUBG Mobile Lite“.

    The Wait Is Over! Tencent Launches PUBG Mobile Lite in India

    PUBG Mobile Lite
    PUBG Mobile Lite

    Anticipated, this Lite version for Mobiles is first launched in the Philippines last year and now reaches the Indian subcontinent.

    With the help of the Unreal Engine, Team finally launches the Mobile Lite version after launching the PC lite version last month. This game is designed for phones with less than 2GB of RAM. And shall have a download size of around 400MB, said by developers. But depending on the devices, the download size may vary a little.

    (In Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1, it shows a size of 490MB)

    Things to be noted:

    • This new lite version has the player’s mob count restricted to 60 players and a smaller map, unlike 100 players and larger area as in an actual game. This would make the game complete even faster than stipulated 10minutes time.
    • Aiming assistance is simplified. Activities like Crawling, Standing positions and Handling/Controlling are made much easier. Further, increased bullet shooting speed and fewer drops.
    • Alike Royal Pass, here in this version you’ll gain a Winner pass that lets you gain achievement unlocks soon.
    • Better love displays, optimized maps, and healing/gaining health while moving even are some of the special features.

    After all, this version is designed for entry-level phones and can work even in weaker network areas.

    FYI: If already downloaded, or having plans to download, there’s a mega-event happening now worth Rs.1.5cr, only for India. Jump in and show your skills.

    Registration link:

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