How to Install Viper4Android on Android Phone

    Are you looking for Viper4Android? Don’t worry! I have got your back. In this article, you are going to get the latest method to Install Viper4Andorid on Android Phone. In this article, I’m going to share latest Viper4Android which is one of the best apps for sound enhancing & Equalization. Viper4Android is a sound equalizer for better quality. So here you are going to get How to Install Viper4Android on Android Phone that you can use to stream high-quality music by equalizing the sound. You can install on any android (Nougat/Marshmallow/Lollipop/Kitkat etc).


    With the growth in streaming music, folks are listening to their favorite beats, melody, and composition through Streaming apps on the Internet. Numerous Music Streaming services are plummeting day by day, and the number of equalizers which actually work on Android has plateaued. Android smirks when Equalizers are concerned. Hence, we are enlightening the audiophiles around the world with one of the best Equalizer available for Android with this Article on the – Viper4Android application for Android devices. So let’s get ready for revamping the ultimate sound experience on your smartphones.

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    What is Viper4Android?

    Viper4Android has grown leaps and bounds from its humble sound-enhancing origins to a powerful Equalizer for Android devices. Music can be just the right antidote or remedy to daily stress problems. Yet the smartphones stale in the department of music. Viper4Android is one of the revolutionary sound application which actually carries the solution to the above problem.

    The application offers enchanting audio experience even to those smartphones which don’t come bundled up with Beats and Dolby Music Systems. It is the best audio enhancement tool cum audio driver which will unleash, outstanding performance from your Android device. Right from Differential sound to Virtual Headphone surround, Viper provides its user the best audio mods and is no doubt the unbeatable equalizer in the market.

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    Enumerating Viper4Android Features:

    Viper4Android offers two variants: FX and XHiFi. Out of which, XHiFi is the classic version whose development has been suspended years ago. Whereas, FX, on the other hand, has even more functions and capabilities than the XHiFi version both in terms of audio enhancement and audio reconstruction. Before we actually install the application on your Android phone, let’s have a sneak peek at the Viper4Android features:

    Speaker Optimization: With a Quad Channel support and new speaker controls.

    Spectrum extension: Enhance those high frequencies and get the crisp version of beats.

    Differential Sound: Add psychoacoustic effects to the existing music.

    Viper Fidelity Control: Enhance Bass and Clarity with numerous controls.

    USB Dock Effect: Viper4Android allows an input from USB devices as well.

    Headphone Surround: A mock environment can be created with this.

    Auditory System Protection: One of the best function of Viper4Android which focuses on making the sound technology more soothing for ears and keeping the symptoms away, which occur due to long and continuous exposure to high bass sound.

    and much more…

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    Talking about the Requirements:

    Before we commence with the process, it’s necessary to list all the required applications which you will be needing amidst of setting Viper4Andorid on your smartphone.

    Requirement 1: Ensure your phone is Rooted

    Rooting is a process which eradicates all the restrictions from your Android Device granting you the Super User Access rights. That is, now, you can get rid of factory applications which come pre-installed on your phone and even modify your phone with numerous applications which don’t work on unrooted Android devices. Viper4Android is also one such application which demands your device to be rooted.

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    Requirement 2: You will need following applications installed

    FlashFire apk and Root Explorer from the links mentioned below. You can also use BusyBox in place of FlashFire.

       Download FlashFire Apk

    FlashFire or BusyBox is an on-device firmware which works only on rooted Android phones. Right from OTA to zip updates it does a multitude of work for rooted Android devices.

       Download BusyBox Apk

       Download Amaze File Manager Apk

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    How to Install Viper4Android on Android Phone

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    The Installation Guide: Viper4Android

    I have seen many sites are sharing the guide on how to install viper4android on Marshmallow or Lollipop but our mission is different. How Tech Hack is providing you the tutorial of Installing Viper4Android on Nougat Android. Not the regular garbage which you find on other sites. Hence, you can install Viper4Android on any android version. Follow the below steps to install Viper4Android: –

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    • Step 1: Laying Foundations with Busyox or FlashFire
    1. Firstly, Download BusyBox or FlashFire from Google Play store or the link mentioned above.
    2. Go to Downloads and open the recently downloaded BusyBox or FlashFire file.
    3. Now, Click on Install Button and hold on for few seconds until the app asks you for a root permission. Tap the Grant button, to complete the initial steps.

    Do ensure the installation that all BusyBox commands are installed under the /system/xbin directory of your device. As many of the older versions of VIPER4ANDROID fail to work if they don’t find BusyBox in the required location.

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    • Step 2: Download Viper4Android’s flashable zip from the following link:

       Download Viper4Android Flashable Zip

    And do take a note of the folder where the file is getting downloaded as you will require the destination later on.
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    • Step 3: Now, open BusyBox or FlashFire and Flash the file (which you downloaded in the previous step) to your device. (Do check Mount /system read/write if you are using FlashFire before you tap on Flash!

    The phone will automatically reboot after this step.

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    • Step 4: Now to proceed further you will need a root file explorer app (recommended Amaze File Explorer) if you aren’t having one then download it from the link mentioned above. Grant root access whenever asked for and Turn on the Root explorer feature.

    Navigate to /vendor/etc/ directory on the device and rename the

    audio_effects.conf to audio_effects.conf.bak.

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    • Step 5: You are all done now! Open the Viper4Android application on your device now and grant it superuser access by tapping the grant button. In, case you are using an old installer then it might ask you to update your device driver, in that case, you can click on Update Drivers and carry on the process in the same way as mentioned.
    • Step 6: Experiment Time! The Zip is bundled with numerous tools which will enhance your audio experience try all those settings and feel the change with Viper4Android on board.

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    Watch this video tutorial also to Install Viper4Android on Nougat 7.0, Marshmallow & Lollipop:

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    Hope the installation works for you in a hassle free way, even if it doesn’t, then feel free to comment below so we can help you out with the errors. The installation process is robustly tested on Android Nougat and Marshmallow running devices, if your device runs on older versions of Android, still you won’t be facing any problems or fallacy with the Installation process. Unlike the older versions, the new version of Viper4Android offers a great User Interface, explore the umpteen features offered by the application and add more notes to the melodies of your life!

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our Viper4Android Installation Guide, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share How to Install Viper4Android on Android Phone with your friends. Let them get the fun of latest music with Viper4Android.

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