Xiaomi’s Survival Game – A Ditto of PUBG!

    Xioami is no way going out of the competition. Be it in terms of consumer electronics or software systems. From producing phones, refrigerators, speakers to voice assistant and now games.

    Xiaomi’s Survival Game – A Ditto of PUBG!

    Survival Game
    Survival Game

    It’s the latest update from says, users can now download the Xiaomi’s proprietary battle game “Survival Game“, a 185MB file uploaded by Super Edguy in Xioami’s Apps Store.

    People who’ve played the game are calling it as a dupe of PUBG, as it’s having more common features if it. Right from jumping in the start to standing alone at the end, every setup is resembling PUBG.

    Starting the game, players form teams and jump off the plane to one of the places given. And they start battling against each other to stay alone at the end. A player can help others by aiding medics and arms. They collect loot like ammunition and supplies provided within and can purchase any suits to wear.

    Remembering anything? Yes, that’s just like PUBG, the Tencent’s recent breakthrough.

    Yet, there are many complaints. Of course, it just a beta app for now and would have many bugs to resolve.

    Users of Mi (any device) can join the game by a notification and the Telegram group’s invite link to the mail address (Mi community registered). While non-Mi users have to wait for a while until the stable release in Google playstore.

    Detecting the country’s attraction towards mobile gaming, Xioami said its Survival Game is made especially for India. May it plans to capture the craze of Fortnite and PUBG with its stable release coming up.

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