6 Tips About Brand New Laptop You Can’t Afford To Miss

    A laptop is an essential component of work. It is a mini computer which is mobile and is a user-friendly personal computer. Nowadays most of the people have a laptop- might it be students, teenagers, employees, faculties. It is required in every field. Hence one should correctly know the initial steps for using a new laptop so that it can be kept safe from different viruses and also for proper functioning. So here comes the 6 Tips About Brand New Laptop You Can’t Afford To Miss.

    6 Tips About Brand New Laptop You Can’t Afford To Miss

    6 Tips About Brand New Laptop You Can't Afford To Miss

    Here I am sharing 6 Tips about Brand New Laptop or you can say Do’s and Don’ts for laptop owners which are very necessary and you should do before using a new laptop to maintain your laptop performance like good battery backup and fast power charging etc. So read the below following 6 Tips to take care of your computer or laptop:-

    1. Operating System Should be Updated –

    6 Tips About Brand New Laptop You Can't Afford To Miss

    It is one of the most necessary steps that one should follow. First of all the user should update the operating system of the laptop. Moreover, you need to turn on the notification alerts for updating it at regular intervals so that you do not miss it by any chance. You can turn on the notification alerts by turning on WINDOWS UPDATE. This is the most required step for the security of the system.

    2. Removal of Bloatware –

    6 Tips About Brand New Laptop You Can't Afford To Miss

    Bloatware is software that is preloaded with the system on the laptop. This is an unwanted software and is of no use to the user. Moreover, it occupies a lot of memory or space which can be further utilized by the user in a better way. There are some bulk uninstallers, one of which can be downloaded. These uninstallers actually scan the whole of the system and then it will show you the list of all apps installed in the system. Then according to the user’s wish, they can uninstall the app which they do not require. In this way, one can remove the undesired bloatware from the system and can increase the storage space on the laptop.

    3. Install Anti-Theft Software –

    6 Tips About Brand New Laptop You Can't Afford To Miss

    Anti-theft software should be downloaded and installed in your systems such as Prey, Gadgettrak, and much more. These softwares are required to secure your laptop. If your laptop gets robbed you will be able to locate and find it using one of these softwares. This so because the loss of the laptop is unaffordable because firstly it is costly and secondly all important and confidential documents can go into the hands of the wrong person. These details and information can be misused by them. So these apps are essential because it detects the thief and denies their access to data and files on the laptop.

    4. Optimize the Power Settings –

    6 Tips About Brand New Laptop You Can't Afford To Miss

    Everyone wants their laptop’s battery to get a maximized lifetime. So these settings are to be done by the user. Firstly, you need to decrease the brightness of the display screen otherwise it may harm your eyes. You can also tweak for the power options in Windows so that the laptop dims when it is not plugged in. Energy saver features and options should also be selected in order to save power and increase the longevity of the battery.

    5. Setting Up of Cloud Storage and Syncing –

    6 Tips About Brand New Laptop You Can't Afford To Miss

    Cloud storage gives the facility of securing and accessing data, no matter where you are. It is a sort of back- up system given to the laptop so that if a laptop undergoes any disorder or gets stolen, then one might access important data from this storage facility and utilize it for their work. Softwares like One Drive, Google Drive, DropBox, Cloud computing can be used for this task.

    6. Minimise Heat Damage to Laptop –

    6 Tips About Brand New Laptop You Can't Afford To Miss

    Laptops are more susceptible to heat than desktops. So this thing should be taken care of. This thing can be reduced by taking care of certain things. You should keep your laptop in a laptop tray or any hard wooden surface while using it. You should avoid using it by keeping it on lap, bedsheet or carpet or sofa. The hard and flat surface also reduces intake of dust. You can also use the laptop cooler for the purpose. You should install a temperature monitor so that you can keep a regular track of the temperature of the laptop and the worst cases can then be avoided.

    So these are a few steps that one should follow when he or she buys or gets a new laptop. These essential steps will secure their laptop and avoid it from hanging or other sorts of laptop disorders. This way your data will also stay secured and your laptop gets protected. After these, you may proceed by installing your favourite and desired apps. You can also install an anti-virus app to protect your computer from any virus attacks. Certain things you should take care of- never fully discharge your laptop’s battery, do not keep your laptop always plugged in. Considering these few steps and keeping it in mind, you will be able to use your laptop in a proper way and for many years.


    To conclude, I would like to say that a laptop is worthy enough to be kept safe and to be taken care of in an appropriate manner. So just keep in mind these performance-boosting tips for your laptop. Never take these things to be lightly otherwise you might need to pay a huge for it.

    So these were just a few tips to the users for setting their brand new laptop in an organized manner. You should also take care about the posture of the laptop and how you are keeping it because it is also equally essential. If this thing is not considered, it might affect your eyesight. So stay healthy and keep your laptop also fit and ordered. May your laptop live long and work properly more than expected.

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our 6 Tips About Brand New Laptop, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

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