10 Best Valorant Tips and Tricks for Beginners

    Valorant Tips and Tricks: Valorant is a new multiplayer game that is developed and published by Riot Games. The game is compatible with Microsoft Windows. It is a 5 on 5 character-based tactical shooter game. The game is only compatible with Microsoft Windows. In the game, each match has a total of 25 rounds and the team that wins 13 rounds first wins the match. Players get to pick Agents at the start of the match. Agents have interesting abilities and styles that help the players to win the match.

    Players also get to choose from a huge variety of weapons like Bucky, Stinger, Spectre, Judge, Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom, Vandal, Marshal, Operator, Odin and so much more. The game is often compared with the loved and famous Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Valorant is free to play and it also has a voice chat option. If you don’t know how to install this game then check here How To Download Valorant.

    10 Best Valorant Tips and Tricks for Beginners

    1. Adjust and Mix and Match with your Settings

    Adjust and Mix and Match with your Settings

    Before you start your game, you need to check if you are comfortable with the game settings or you want to make any changes in them. After playing a few practice games you will get to know what kind of settings work best for you and accordingly update your settings. Remember there is no right or wrong setting for the game.

    2. Crosshair Settings

    Crosshair Settings

    Crosshair helps you aim better in the game. Hence you need to find which colour you want it to be or if you want it to be larger in size or to you want it to be opaque. You can make necessary changes regarding the crosshair in the game settings.

    3. Recommended to play with your headset on

    Recommended to play with your headset on

    It is recommended that you play with a good quality headset so that you can hear the slightest move of your opponents. If you hear their footstep you can be aware of before they attack you. While playing the game you should be quite attentive and aware.

    4. Communicate with your team members

    Communicate with your team members

    It is important to communicate with your team members and play as a whole team together. It’s important to convey crucial information and make your team members aware of the slightest moves from your opponents. This will help the team win. Hence if you want to win it is vital to be nice to each other and coordinate too.

    5. Make sure you walk

    Make sure you walk

    It is advised to walk and move slowly as your footsteps make noise which makes your opponent’s aware of your location and moves. Hence it is advised to make the least amount of noise by walking and moving slowly and steadily. Another advantage of walking is that you can shoot your opponent quicker as compared to when you are running. Similarly, you can use the sound of your opponent’s footsteps and help track them down. Hence remember to always walk by holding Shift.

    6. Know your Agent and Arsenal

    Know your Agent and Arsenal

    It is important to pick up good Agents and Arsenal. Names of the Agents are Viper, Cypher, Reyna, Jett, Raze, Sova, Sage, Brimstone, Phoniex, Omen, and Breach. Each Agent is unique in its own ways. After playing some practice games you will get an idea about the different Agents and what are their abilities and various kinds of weapons available in the game. You can get to know about the Agents and Weapons in detail on the official website of the game and or in the game too. Try practicing all Agents and Weapons in the practice mode and choose what is best and comfortable for you in the end. Also, before making any purchases be sure.

    7. Make use of the shooting ranges

    Make use of the shooting ranges

    Since you are a beginner it is highly recommended that you practice first. Practicing will help you understand and get comfortable with the controls of the game. So, make use of the shooting ranges and training facilities available in the game. You can learn to aim and keep killing targets for yourself too.

    8. Don’t run and shoot at the same time

    Don’t run and shoot at the same time

    If you cannot shoot while running, try walking. When you are running your aim isn’t steady hence it is difficult to shoot. It’s simple when you are walking and you see an opponent your aim is still and you can shoot instantly but when you are running and you see an opponent you randomly shoot without aiming. So, if you are a beginner learn to walk and aim first.

    9. Use Agent Abilities wisely

    Use Agent Abilities wisely

    Agents have different abilities that are great as they enhance your gameplay. But using it at the wrong time can get you killed. Hence use it only when you are in a safer position. Play practice games to know when to make use of Weapons and when to make use of abilities wisely.

    10. Make wise purchases and learn to save too

    Make wise purchases and learn to save too

    Most of the players are very excited to unlock new Weapons and Agents and in a haste, they purchase certain things that aren’t essential. Hence players should spend wisely on weapons and also learn to save. It is also important to know the different details about the weapon before the purchase. You can even request different weapons from your teammates.

    Don’t stress and play for fun. These are the 10 best Valorant tips and tricks that will help you to get better at your gameplay.

    Valorant is an excellent and exciting multiplayer game. It is also gaining immense popularity among fans recently. It great to play with friends, family and you can also team up with unknown players from all around the globe. You should definitely try out this amazing game if you haven’t already. Let us know your thoughts and views on this game and also what you want to see next on our website.

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