How To Activate WhatsApp Bot: Auto-Reply Virtual Assistant Robot

    Whatsapp is already a very famous and useful messenger application used by a billion of users worldwide. It unites the whole world with this messaging and emoticon feature which makes both the personalized and formal chats lively. Whatsapp has also been considered for official use by many organizations. It has almost become equivalent to official email writings. Moreover, high definition WhatsApp audio and video calling facilities have made it the best of applications among people. This application is used by all people – from teenagers to old people.

    Whatsapp Bot is a user-friendly search engine and personalized bot. It is a personal assistant for WhatsApp messaging platform. It is created by Peter.

    WhatsApp Bot

    WhatsApp Bot

    As WhatsApp is a large dwelling platform for billions of users, this facility adds a piece of solitaire on a platinum ring that binds the whole world together with its simplicity and connectivity. Although, hike also have the facility for providing help from Natasha yet it cannot be used as a searching forum.

    Users can find any sort of information through it using various keywords and that too with low data usage. Even users can communicate with the bot in any of the topics they want to. These services are provided for free whereas many mobile operators charge their customers for accessing these facilities.

    How to Activate WhatsApp Bot in Android:

    • First of all Download WhatsApp in case you did not installed it previously. Then you will need to register your mobile number.
    • Download WhatsApp bot for Android on your system.
    • Then save the following number- (+91-9468155082) or (+91-9408942579) as Whatsapp Bot.
    • Then you can text Hi to WhatsApp bot and it will be done.
    • Finally, you would be able to access the assistance easily.

    Features Available in WhatsApp Bot:

    WhatsApp Bot

    There are many features available in this forum such as:-

    • Wikipedia,
    • Jokes,
    • Indian Railway PNR,
    • Cricket scores,
    • News,
    • Shayari,
    • Currency conversion,
    • Quotes and much more.

    Tags for Auto-Reply Feature:

    The following tags are to be used along with the required topic you want such as @define power or @toi sports or @horoscope virgo.

    Advantages of Using WhatsApp Bot:

    • Any information can be searched for in this WhatsApp bot within seconds.
    • It is a user-friendly search engine.
    • It works in even 2G data speed.
    • Everything can be found at one place without any barriers.
    • It has low data usage facility.
    • It is free of cost and versatile.
    • The information can be found out using various tags or keywords provided.
    • It saves time and thus the efficiency increases.

    Disadvantages of Using WhatsApp Bot:

    • Sometimes it shows an error of HTML coding.
    • External links of advertisements crop up which disappoints.

    These barriers will be looked after by the operators and would be soon rectified.

    Whatsapp bot is full of information and does not spam in the group and is totally extrovert with its users. Thus it is fully reliable although it has some bugs which can be worked out and resolved by the developers.

    This bot works like a computer program. It looks for the keywords from the message sent by users and gives the response accordingly to the user. Thus it is a keyword or tag based system and the generation of reply totally depends on these tags. Thus it fulfills daily requirements easily without using any other search engine and without high data speed and usage. This makes it cheap. People usually like to opt for things which are cheap and works more than worth. This entity was successfully recognized by the developers and made them fulfill the demands of the public.

    It is an auto replier messenger. It is developed by KrunalPanchamiya, Virat Patel, MitulGadhiya who are known as “trios” from Rajkot, Gujarat. This service was launched on 25th May 2015 with the aim of providing various essential services for free to the users of WhatsApp.


    Every software has pros and cons and nothing in the world is 100 percent perfect. Perfection needs modification. Modification comes from the needs of users. When users will use this bot they will surely face some disappointments which should be mentioned by them so that it can be rectified and looked after by the developers. An attempt can be made successful and can be brought close to perfection when developers and users join their hands.

    Thus it is always a mutual consideration and cooperation which should remain alive in users and developers to achieve success in any of the spheres.

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our WhatsApp Bot 2017, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding the WhatsApp Bot Auto Reply, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

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