10 Best Overclocking Software for PC

    What is Overclocking?

    It is the practice of increasing the clock rate of a computer to exceed that certified by the manufacturer. Meaning running the computer at a higher speed than it was designed to run. Overclocking is usually applied to CPU or GPU, but certainly, other components can also be overclocked. This process helps to perform more operations per second and squeezes more performance out of your components. This process leads to the production of more heat in devices hence cooling and care are indeed essential.

    10 Best Overclocking Software for PC

    In this article, ill let you know the 10 Best Overclocking Software for PC (CPU/GPU/RAM):

    List of Top 10 Best Overclocking Software for PC:
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    1. MSI Afterburner

    MSI Afterburner

    MSI Afterburner is a free overclocking program that is compatible with graphic cards from various brands probably all. The user interface of this program is simply amazing and easy. It provides a detailed overview of your hardware. It comes with some amazing additional features like customizing fan profiles, benchmarking and video recording. The overclocking tools provide easy and precise access to your graphic card settings. Fan speed control is available that will enable users to find a perfect balance between performance and temperature control. This software is the best currently as it is loved by gamers.

       Download MSI Afterburner

    2. Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel XTU)

    Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

    Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel XTU) is pretty simple to use hence its best for beginners and also can be used by professionals. It enables beginners and experienced enthusiasts to overclock, monitor. The user interface is simple, nice and dark themed hence gamers will love it for sure. It is loaded with features where you can analyze temperature, maximize processors’ ability, monitor your system. It is free of cost and compatible with Windows PC.

       Download Intel XTU

    3. EVGA Precision X

    EVGA Precision X

    EVGA Precision X is a software that is used and liked by many. It supports only Nvidia Graphic cards currently and no other graphic card which is its downside. It provides full support for Microsoft DirectX 12 API. EVGA Precision X has Pixel Clock Overclocking. It has GPU, Memory and Voltage Control. It also has features like Power target control, Frame rate Target Control, Custom fan control. It is a great software for PC’s you should definitely give it a try.

       Download EVGA Precision X



    SAPPHIRE TriXX is a free GPU overclocking software. Users can tune their card’s performance to the max and save custom settings for your favourite games. The software has a simple interface. The dashboard includes hardware and software features of the graphic cards. The hardware monitor allows gamers to real-time monitor the various data points of the graphic card and this feature also assists with overclocking and troubleshooting. TriXX Boost enables gamers to run at a higher FPS. Fan check feature allows users to check the cooler’s status.

       Download SAPPHIRE TriXX

    5. Nvidia Profile Inspector

    Nvidia Profile Inspector

    Nvidia Profile Inspector is a powerful software that is lightweight (129 KB). It is a freeware tool for Nvidia graphic card which runs on the window operating system and is free to download and install. It is a user-friendly graphic card profiler. The software will help you to check the GPU frequencies and default frequencies, it will automatically detect your graphic cards and show in-depth information and not only just use the information but also manage the performance of your graphic cards. Fan controlling settings is also available which will adjust fan speed according to you.

       Download Nvidia Profile Inspector

    6. ASUS GPU Tweak

    ASUS GPU Tweak

    ASUS GPU Tweak software provides an intuitive interface that provides access to serious functionalities. It provides Overclocking Mode to unlock maximum performance. Precise voltage and VRM clock adjustments boost higher performance. It also gives users the ability to custom save profiles so that they can switch in between them. It also provides Game Mode and Silent Mode.

       Download ASUS GPU Tweak

    7. SetFSB


    SetFSB is free of cost tool that is used to make your CPU performance better and gives you the ability to customize their system Front Side Bus (FSB) speed. On the official site, it is advised that it must be used by only professionals as it a powerful device. Hence beginners must stay away. It supports graphic cards of Intel, ATI, AMD, VIA, SiS, ULi and many more. The program is now shareware. The interface is quite simple.

       Download SetFSB

    8. AMD Ryzen Master

    AMD Ryzen Master

    AMD Ryzen Master is an overclocking software that also helps in performance tuning. It includes system monitoring that provides accurate hardware status updates that are vital. It has both real-time monitoring and a histogram of per-core clock rates and temperature, including average and peak readings. AMD Ryzen Master provides for up to four profiles to store custom user-defined configurations. Users can adjust active cores, integrated graphics frequency and adjust memory timings too these features will help to optimize general performance or fine-tune for your favourite applications. It also includes a new feature called Dynamic Local Mode.

       Download AMD Ryzen Master

    9. ATI Tray Tools

    ATI Tray Tools

    ATI Tray Tools is a very powerful software that is lightweight too. The software has many features. It includes overclocking with templates including Fan control and Temperature monitoring. Radeon Information shows information about memory type, active rendering pipelines and more. It includes support of the ATI Control Centre.

       Download ATI Tray Tools

    10. CPU Tweaker and MemSet

    CPU Tweaker and MemSet are both similar software’s. Both aren’t easy to use hence it’s not made for beginners, can be used by experts. Users have to adapt to its system optimization and overclocking to utilize this software effectively. The tools in this software are quite advanced level. They are powerful software in regards to speed and processors performance optimizations. Both are free software and aren’t that user friendly.

       Download CPU Tweaker

       Download MemSet

    In the above article, you have seen the 10 best overclocking software for PC (CPU/GPU/RAM). These software’s are currently the best in the market that will provide you the best performance on your PC’s. Hence go and choose any software that fits your needs and liking.

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