BJP’s Website Got Hacked Again. Hacker Posted Beef Recipes with Images all Over Website

    How furious the party could be now? While BJP‘s spearhead Narendra Modi is swearing his oath on May 30th, their Delhi’s official website was hacked meanwhile!

    BJP’s Website Got Hacked Again. Hacker Posted Beef Recipes with Images all Over Website

    Delhi BJP Website Hacked
    Delhi BJP Website Hacked

    With a name of “Shadow_V1P3R“, a hacker (still identity unknown) has completely transformed the Delhi BJP’s website into Beef recipes cooking guide! The options of “About BJP“, “History of BJP” etc are changes to “About Beef“, “History of Beef” etc. There are several such manipulations throughout before reviving it to its original state just recently.

    BJP's Website Got Hacked Again
    BJP’s Website Got Hacked Again

    The hacked website had links of different beef recipes like curries, fries, dishes, etc with every opening in a new tab and having their own webpage loaded with images and steps to prepare. This incident of being hacked is done exactly at the time of re-elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi was swearing his oath as India’s 15th Prime Minister.

    Hacked by Shadow_V1P3R
    Hacked by Shadow_V1P3R

    Realizing this soon, the BJP Delhi group tweeted as “We have noticed some unusual activity on our website. We are looking into it and will fix it at the earliest.” And they did. They had the website fixed within hours and now it’s live again as previous.

    This isn’t the first time that websites of political parties were hacked. BJP’s main website was once hacked in March this year and was restored after two weeks by its IT Cell. The website was quickly pulled down after realizing the hack and IT Cell has then set up a static website which contains no much details and additional webpages, but dormant content. Following the hack, it was found that nearly 85% of Indian political parties websites aren’t secured, not even the IT ministers! Though it’s not mandatory to have secured websites by political parties, but following such standards would leave fine impressions on visitors.

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