Have You Noticed This Feature Of Making Money Through Paytm Yet?

    They say the product will sell itself if it’s good enough to be sold.

    But that’s an old saying. How do we sell a product in today’s competitive market?

    Have You Noticed This Feature Of Making Money Through Paytm Yet?

    Paytm Mall
    Paytm Mall

    Provided with a wide range of choices at killer prices, a customer needs to be truly convinced by the seller, as that purchase would gain him some benefits.

    And if you’re a seller of such, this is the opportunity you should try.

    Paytm’s Buying For Someone.

    Resemblesling the business models of Wooplr and Shopify, this new feature was added recently to almost every product on Paytm Mall.

    On the details page of the product, you shall see this offer inclusion choice of “Buying for someone?” along with its general price, quantity, seller info, etc.

    You should be selecting this option at checkout in case you’re selling or gifting it someone.

    Paytm clearly mentions, “We would not reveal the actual price to the buyer“.

    So this apparently giving us the choice of selling the product at a desired (high) price to someone in your circle and making profits.

    How this works:

    • You select the product.
    • Make sure you opt for “Buying for Someone” before checking out for payment.
    • Fill out the delivery address of your customer.

    (This ensures that Paytm delivers the exact same product to set address without the price tag)

    What you need to do is just to negotiate/convince your customer for your desired price, which covers your profit margin.

    Tip: Better set your selling price (includes profit margin) reasonably. That’s should seem feasible to the buyer.

    You’re anyway beneficial for not carrying any inventory. And the only downside of this offer – You may put yourself in little trouble if the customer asks for the original invoice. And if the delivered product has any defects, you gotta be in middle and handle for replacement/refund hassles on behalf of your customer.

    More doubts? You can check the FAQs of this feature available there itself.

    If you feel you’re a good seller, try proving now.

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