Microsoft Reminds Users about Windows 7’s Shutting Down

    We all knew, regardless of how good it could be, has to end finally someday. Less than a year from now, Microsoft is going to throw off its obsolete software, Windows 7.

    Though its the most loved software of public, company decides to end it however and push everyone to its latest product Windows 10.

    Microsoft Reminds Users about Windows 7’s Shutting Down

    Windows 7
    Windows 7

    According to NetMarketShare’s data report, currently, there are only 37% of people using the latest Windows 10, while Win 7 users contribute more than 40% of the pie.

    Windows XP has already deteriorated, yet some users still have it. Lagging and stumbling, they use it, however. Some are into Win 8 or 8.1, but they feel upgrading to Win 10 eventually. Right after Win 7, Win 8 too has the deadline coming up (dated for 2023, January 23). And maybe that’s the reason Microsoft strongly recommends users to leap into Win 10 directly.

    While Win 10 would be alive up to 2025, Microsoft will launch another software within this time frame. Every software has its mainstream and extended support spans. In the mainstream support period, the user gets all the design changes, warranties, updates for resolving bugs. And in extended support (grace period), the company stops developing the software further but continuous sending patches and security updates.

    Microsoft generally makes a software OS for a period of 10years, which comprises 5-year mainstream support and 5-year extended support. Windows 7’s mainstream support has ended back in 2015, January 13th. And the extended support shall be ending on 2020, January 14th.

    So what happens if the date goes out?

    Well if your computer running Win 7 wouldn’t be getting any security patches from them, thereby making it prone to any hacks or other virus threats easily.

    If your Win 7 is having the Service Pack 1, it remains well until the said date. If not, get it here –

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