Nepal Supreme Court Stays on PUBG Mobile Ban in the Country, Asks Government to Revise

Phew, that’s a relief to those geeks who’re craving out there in Nepal. As on April 11, Government of Nepal has made a decision of banning the most popular Battle Royale game by blocking its server traffic to the country, thereby restricting those playing it relentlessly.

Nepal Supreme Court Stays on PUBG Mobile Ban in the Country, Asks Government to Revise

PUBG Mobile Ban
PUBG Mobile Ban

And now, when few layers approached the supreme court asking for revising the decision, Justice Ishwor Prasad Khatiwada, one of the justices of Nepal’s Supreme court has observed the case and said, “It was (PUBG Mobile) basically a game used by the general public for entertainment.

Further saying, “Since press freedom and freedom of expression is guaranteed by the constitution, it is necessary to prove that such bans are just, fair and reasonable, and the actions of the authorities concerned are wise and logical. If the ban was allowed to remain in effect, it could adversely impact people’s rights to freedom.

Now, staying on the Court’s decision of ban, Justice Ishwor Prasad asks the Government to revise and respond to the ban.

Previously, the anticipated decision for banning the game in the country by Kathmandu’s high court on April 11 bought happiness to most of the parents and furiousness to concerned gamers.

Those who frustrated started calling the Government’s decision stupid and unreasonable.

With such froth and back swings in Nepal, the future of PUBG Mobile is unclear at this moment.

And in India, PUBG Mobile has almost survived the major ban and let its infamous counterpart – TikTok to take the big hit.

After Madras High Court asking iOS and Android marketplaces to pull off the app (and they complied), now the Supreme Court of India asks the Madras Court to take a clear reasonable decision by April 24 supporting its act, else the ban would be lifted.

What do you think? Will PUBG Mobile and TikTok will ever be saved in these countries? Let us know below.

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