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Updates: PUBG Mobile’s New Version and TikTok’s Ban in India

PUBG Mobile's New Version & TikTok's Ban

With an update size of 500MB (nearly),  PUBG Mobile, in it’s the latest update has a wide range of features added.

PUBG Mobile's New Version & TikTok's Ban
PUBG Mobile’s Latest Update

Settling the bugs as usual, the new version (0.12) has the features of:

  • Can now be able to spectate your friend’s game too.
  • Haptic feedback on some instances.

EvoGround is the place where you can see all the new changes.

  • Fighting the zombies in new mode (Darkest Night), you gotta stay alive until the dawn to win. All the teams which can cope up all night will be the winners.
  • Introduction of new weapons and monsters.
  • Portable Closets can now be swapped in combat
  • Added Spring Theme and Treasure event

Bans all over the world!

Nepal has banned the game countrywide and US parents started feeling the adverse effects on their children and now calls for a ban. In China, 13yo children must require their parent’s permission to play the game. Whereas in India, the game’s has already been banned in certain parts of Gujrat and in VIT campus of Tamil Nadu.

TikTok Banned
TikTok Banned

What’s with TikTok?

Earlier this month, Madras High Court has appealed the Supreme Court to ban the app nationwide with reasons starting “Inappropriate and Pornographic content“. But that appeal was dismissed or even better to say, postponed by Supreme court to April 22, saying it won’t interfere.

But the petitioners have sent a notice to Google and Apple asking them to pull off the TikTok app from their respective stores.

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And surprisingly, Google has complied with the order. They did remove the app from Playstore and Apple has also removed the app from App Store.

TikTok has been slashed with heavy fines by US authorities for collecting information from children, whereas Bangladesh has already banned it completely.

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