Pokemon Go Makers New Game: Harry Potter Wizards Unite Have Come to India

    Harry Potter is said to be one of the best-drafted series of all time. Catching up its popularity, the Pokemon Go makers, Niantic has made a game basing on characters and the tools featured in Potter’s series.

    Pokemon Go Makers New Game: Harry Potter Wizards Unite Have Come to India

    Harry Potter Wizards Unite
    Harry Potter Wizards Unite

    This new game in the town has already got one million downloads from Playstore and performing fine in Appstore too. With a download size of less than 100MB (Playstore), the mobile gamers have fine reviews over it.

    The Harry Potter Wizards Unite is currently available on mobile only and could possibly go onto PCs and Xboxes if seen successful like PUBG or Fortnite.

    Well, unlike PUBG, COD or Fortnite, this Wizards Unite isn’t a Battle Royale one. This game’s concept is more resembling the Pokemon Go’s, as the player (Harry Potter as you) have to wander and search for things that are supposed to be found.

    Game Features:

    Opening with creepy music, you’ll be asked to register via Gmail or Facebook and set up a code name. After having all of such, you’ll be walked through the story told by Hermione and other wizards of the house, where you’ll be given tasks to perform and find things that were lost and set them back in the wardrobe.

    Playing in streets like Pokemon Go, you need to wander (according to signs) and find collectibles. Not just the things, but some creatures too. You’ll be given tasks to save them from spells or chains by your magic, free them, you can have them as your backup. Furthermore, you’ll be having virtual fights with your magic wands at some places. You gotta do that to earn more respect. The magic exposure threat level is a feature that lets you know the effort needed to put in for winning against something or someone.

    If not for shooting, you gotta play this for graphics at least. Ready your wands and jump in.

    Site link

    (Can get game download links from here)

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