You Need To Know About These Secret Features Of WhatsApp Now


WhatsApp, as we all know it – is the most famous chat network of today’s generation and the most user-friendly too. However, if you wish that your favourite application could have something more to it than just chatting, sharing music and photo gallery with others, you are at right place.

Let’s discover some useful secret features of WhatsApp that you didn’t know existed.

You Need To Know About These Secret Features Of WhatsApp Now

WhatsApp Secret Features
WhatsApp Secret Features

Transfer Money

Yes, you heard it right. You can send and receive money via WhatsApp. You can link your bank account to WhatsApp through UPI (Unified Payments Interface) and make payment to another person’s bank account without leaving your chat. WhatsApp is leaving no stone unturned to roll this feature for masses in India.

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WhatsApp Business Transfer Money

Access to YouTube Videos

You don’t need to leave your WhatsApp window to view any YouTube video shared with you. You can see it directly by clicking on play button. Also, your video will be played on a floating screen which you can move around the screen, causing no hurdle in conversation.

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Hide online

At some point or the other, your mother or your relatives will spam your last seen on WhatsApp and will ask you ‘when did you sleep last night?’ Save yourself from this question, hide when you were last online by hiding your last seen time, go to account settings, click on privacy and set your last seen to no one.

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Delete a message

WhatsApp lets you unsend messages which you sent either after having an emotional breakdown or in the wrong window. You can just click on the message and delete it for everyone. WhatsApp has recently announced to increase the time limit for deleting a message from 7 minutes to 69 minutes like WhatsApp Business.

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Add different features on your pictures and videos

You can add different stickers, tag a location, as well as current time on any photo or video you send to any individual or group chat. Tap on the smiling screen at the top of the window when you send any pictures. Select any smiley or location and place it directly on the picture.

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