Going to buy a Oneplus device? iQoo from vivo will come with flagship specs, a competitor for Oneplus?

Vivo is all set to compete over Oneplus and Asus! iQoo is a separate brand and Vivo is the parent company for iQoo. As Oppo has Oneplus, and Asus are themselves making a good access in upper mid-range market! Vivo has set to compete Oneplus and Asus on this market. So they introduced a new sub-brand for them iQoo which will be totally focusing and releasing the phone in the upper mid-range market! Here is everything you should about their new phone for the year 2020!

iQoo 3
iQoo 3
iQoo Official Logo
Vivo’s Sub-brand iQoo’s Official Logo

As we mentioned in our post about Top Upcoming phones in February of 2020!

Here is the new rival competitor for other Chinese and non-Chinese phone manufacturers like Xiaomi. All been set, we will get to see a separate new brand like OnePlus. If you are unaware, Oppo is the parent company for OnePlus! Although Oneplus is completely a separate brand from Oppo.

Moreover, if we say, Vivo is the parent company for the new brand iQoo as well! All been set iQoo will also be the separate brand Vivo as well.

iQoo 3 – Everything you should know

iQoo 3
iQoo 3

As we mentioned above, iQoo phones will be coming in the market for “Upper Mid-Range Market” Vivo has designed this new brand especially to meet and compete over other phone giants like Oneplus and Asus as well. Everything will be separate in software as well. Xiaomi has also renewed its Poco Devices as well which will also be coming in this upper mid-range market!

Oppo has One plus, so did Vivo came with iQoo! Here are the specs and features for the new phone from iQoo!

iQoo 3 – What is inside the hood?

iQoo 3 look from the back!
iQoo 3 looks from the back!

Here are the total specs for the iQoo 3. iQoo is all set to come as a “Game Oriented phone” with flagship specs!


iQoo 3 is expected to come with a 6.44-inch FHD+ screen with an AMOLED screen. The phone comes with an AMOLED screen which makes it come in-display fingerprint sensor. The new phone will be also featured with Face Unlock as well.

iQoo 3 is also equipped with 16M colours and also comes in with a screen to body ratio of 85.1%. The aspect ratio of the phone is 19.5:9 ratio. The phone also comes in with a pixel density of 402 PPI.


iQoo 3 is said to pack in with battery of 4,370mAh battery and this huge battery will be supported with a massive 55W fast charging technology.


The new phone is said to come with 48 MP or chances are 64 MP main camera sensor on the back! The rear camera of the phone comes in with quad configuration!

Besides the main sensor, other expected sensors can a 13MP Ultrawide, then 13 Telephoto and 2MP Macro, the sensors aren’t yet confirmed but the configuration will surely be in 13+13+2 configuration.

Processor and other special features

iQoo 3 is said to come with 5G Capabilities
iQoo 3 is said to come with 5G Capabilities

As we mentioned, iQoo 3 will arrive with flagship specs, Under the hood, the device is powered by the latest chipset from Qualcomm named “Qualcomm snapdragon 865 processor” and a 12 GB of LDRR5 of Ram and internal storage of 256 GB.

It is also said that iQoo 3 does come with the support of the latest 5G! Although it is not confirmed that we may see 5G models in India!

iQoo 3 – What is the price?

iQoo 3 Prices in China
iQoo 3 Prices in China

The new flagship processor is said to be quiet costly as well. As mentioned above, iQoo 3 will come with the latest flagship processor and specs. Even then phones from iQoo will be competing over Oneplus and Asus. We can expect the new phone coming in with a price tag for below 45k!

On Conversions from the displayed price! we can expect to see the iQoo 3 models at the price points of given below:

  • iQoo 3 for 6GB Ram and 128GB Internal Storage, the converted rate’s is about 30k in INR.
  • iQoo 3 for 8GB Ram and 128GB Internal Storage, the converted rate’s is about 33k in INR.
  • iQoo 3 for 8GB Ram and 256GB Internal Storage, the converted rate’s is about 36k in INR.
  • iQoo 3 for 12GB Ram and 256GB Internal Storage, the converted rate’s is about 46k in INR.

iQoo 3 – When the phone will Launch?

All been set, iQoo has teased their phone release on the 25th of February in 2020! The phone will be available for its sale on Flipkart!

What do you think? Would you prefer to buy a phone from iQoo from Oneplus? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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