Highlights of Apple WWDC 2018: macOS Mojave, iOS 12 & Many More

    Apple’s annual WWDC event was held yesterday, that kickstarted with a keynote by Tim Cook, CEO, Apple. This event was organized in San Jose, California. Many latest updates were announced for macOS and iOS 12. There was no announcement regarding any new hardware. However, the first look of HomePod, iPad Pro 10.5 and iPad Pro 12.9 were shown in the last year’s conference.

    Highlights of Apple WWDC 2018: macOS Mojave, iOS 12 & Many More

    WWDC 2018

    Apple has come up with many new updates in WWDC 2018. People were expecting a lot from this event. Apple also has to answer for several iOS 11 problems. Many people referred to this event as ‘underwhelming’ but Apple has delivered many updates in this event.

    WWDC offers a chance for developers to get an idea of their upcoming work in 2018. It is a glimpse at the interface refinements for current iPads, Macs, iPhones and Apple Watches as well as hints of theorized iPhone XI and iPhone 9.

    iOS and ARKIT 2.0:

    WWDC was started with a look at iOS 12 and its additional features. Various other software sneak peaks also happened.

    iOS 12 – focus on performance:

    iOS 12
    iOS 12

    According to several leaks, iOS 12 was held back by the company to add intriguing home designs and features to core apps like camera and mail. Apple also wanted to focus on improvements in performance and stability.

    Apple is leaving no stone unturned to make iPhone more responsive and faster than it has ever been. Apple has been trying to do this from the way back to WWDC, in the time of iPhone 5S.

    iOS 12 is all set to work with all the devices that can handle iOS 11. According to Apple, with this update keyboards on the iPhone 6S Plus will have 50% more speed than earlier and camera will snap 70% faster. However, iOS doesn’t offer faster App loading. Apple will not replace old devices but introduce an update to them.

    iOS 12 will solve many annoying problems that we see in iOS 11 but it sounds less attractive due to performance and security focus.

    ARKit 2:

    ARKit 2
    ARKit 2

    Apple’s ARKit and Augmented Reality platform was also talked about. Apple is going to team up with Pixar for developing a file format for AR content sharing.

    A new app called ‘Measure’ was introduced, showcasing the benefits of the physical and digital worlds merging. This app will let you use Augmented Reality to check the size of the objects just by pointing the camera towards them.

    macOS Mojave:

    macOS Mojave
    macOS Mojave

    this new feature is added to enhance the display of the screen. macOS Mojave brings Dark Mode that comes with an inverted look to XCode and turns Finder Windows black.

    Updates to Siri:

    Apple is leaving no stone unturned to make Siri smarter day by day. The company has introduced a new feature, namely ‘Shortcuts’, that is integrated with apps to add bespoke voice commands to them. A live demo of this feature was also given at the event.

    These features will have ‘Add to Siri’ options within apps. Users can also enable the voice assistant to trigger custom commands and a series of commands. For example, when a user tells Siri that “I am heading home”, it will message a spouse and adjust the thermostat that is connected.

    Siri is also capable of giving suggestions from the lock screen now.  It will remind you to put your phone on silent when you are the cinema or it will inform your colleagues if you are late for the meeting.

    Improvements in Photos:

    Improvements in Photos
    Improvements in Photos

    Apple has introduced improved search options in the Photos App. ‘For You’ tab will make tell you what to do with the photos that you have saved. Suggestions will include things like making a GIF or suggesting you who is in your photos. To take advantage of facial recognition feature, users will have to boost their storage settings.

    A group calling in Facetime:

    A group calling in Facetime
    A group calling in Facetime

    Group calling feature is added to FaceTime. Users can FaceTime with as many people they want, that too in groups. FaceTime will use moving tile display of faces, floating and getting prominent when someone starts talking.



    Apple has introduced personalized animated emoji called, ‘Memoji’. It can help you to design emojis that look like you or how you would like others to see you. Hairstyles, glasses, makeup etc. can be personalized.

    News, Stocks, Books and Voice Memos:

    Apple has combined News and the Stocks to bring a new app that will have all news resources at the same place. iPad will also feature Stocks now.

    The company has also added Voice Memos to iPad that will be automatically synced over iCloud. It will provide amazing stock action.

    Apple has added a significant development in terms of branding. The iBooks app is just ‘Books’ now.

    Expand of Do Not Disturb features:

    Apple will let users address notifications from the lock screen now. Users can also use a timer to limit screen time.

    Dolby Atmos added to Apple TV 4K:

    Dolby Atmos added to Apple TV 4K
    Dolby Atmos added to Apple TV 4K

    Apple is all set to add Dolby Atmos support to Apple TV 4K that will update iTunes library to add Dolby Atmos on supported TV shows, Music videos, and Movies.

    It will be interesting to know how Apple implements all these updates.

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