Man From Kerala Got Killed For His Bitcoin Account’s Password

    Abdul Shukoor, a 24yo Keralite has been tortured and killed by his very own partners over his Bitcoin’s trading account password.

    Abdul Shukoor was in Bitcoin trading for the past two years. He was, along with few other, was running two cryptocurrency exchanges named ‘bitjax.BTC‘ and ‘BTC.bit.shukoor‘ from Kerala. He, along with his team is set to be managing investors funds worth 485cr from his exchanges.

    Man Killed for his Bitcoin Password
    Man Killed for his Bitcoin Password

    Things were good until last year, the actual troubles began when Bitcoin’s price started falling. Shukoor started making losses and his investors started questioning their monies whereabouts.

    On August 12, Shukoor and his fellow partners all fled from Kerala to Dehradun, to keep away from investors’ pressures.

    Things got heated up when Shukoor said that his account got hacked and lost the Bitcoins, but Ashiq believed he’s still holding them in. On greed of gaining that wealth, Ashiq, along with other nine partners, has set up a plan to gain Shukoor’s trading account and encash them out.

    On August 26th, Ashiq and others tortured Shukoor in Yasin’s rented home in Dehradun for the account password. But, Shukoor didn’t reveal the details. After two days of brutal torture, they felt he’s gonna die and the 485cr worth wealth would have vanished with him. They took him to a hospital but the doctors declared his “already dead“. Then, they rushed to another private hospital and learned the same. Panicking, they left the Shukoor’s body in a car outside the hospital and started escaping to Delhi via a bus.

    After finding the body and enquiring hospital staff and CCTV footage, the entire drama was revealed.

    Arun Mohan Joshi, senior superintendent of police (SSP), Dehradun detailed the accused as, “Ashiq, close one to Shukoor and the major suspect, Arshad, Sihab, Muneef, Yasin, Sufail Mikhtar, Aftab Mohammad, Faris Mamnoon, Arvind C and Ansif Ali, all belonging to Malappuram, Kerala.

    Five of them are arrested now and the rest five are an ok escape. 

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