Useful Dentist Apps for Android & iOS 2020

    Useful Dentist Apps: Advancements in technology have helped simplify our lives in several ways. Technology is now being used in almost every application of our life. From making payments to getting some helpful information, it has proved to be more of a basic need. Such improvements have been attributed to easy access to the internet.

    Millions of people own smartphones and other devices that can be used to access the internet. Various sectors are also embracing the use of technology. The healthcare field is one that has benefited a lot from such. The introduction of devices and software that can help in the diagnosis of certain conditions has made it easy for most medics to go about their work.

    Those in the dentistry field can now make good use of different software or apps in the treatment of specific conditions and leave their patients with a beautiful smile. Dental students also get to benefit from using these wonderful dental apps. They can be used on smartphones and tablets running on various platforms. Here are some of the useful dental applications for Android and iOS devices.

    Useful Dentist Apps for Android & iOS 2020

    Useful Dentist Apps
    Useful Dentist Apps

    Dentistry ProConsult

    Dentistry ProConsult

    This is an Android application created by Augusta University meant to benefit dental students. It helps them learn various procedures they may be required to carry out in a dental clinic. Dental ProConsult helps dental students learn all the processes fast. It has a step by step instructions for the procedures they may be required to perform for specific treatments. Students can also learn more quickly by watching procedural videos posted on this app. Other essential features in Dentistry ProConsult include the ability to search and mark various procedures as your favorites. Doing so gives you a smooth time whenever you want to perform them again. This app is completely free, and you will find no in-app purchases.

       Download Dentistry ProConsult for Android

       Download Dentistry ProConsult for iOS

    My Dentist

    My Dentist

    It is an excellent application useful to both dentists and patients. The app developed by Skyach Software Solutions Private Limited Health & Fitness makes it easy for patients to reach their dentists. One feature that stands out in this app is the ability to request an appointment. This lowers the inconvenience that comes with walking to your dental facility to book appointments. Your patients may also consult you on the different areas they need help through this application. My Dentist app makes it easy for you to pass information to your patients when preparing them for a particular procedure. It has an inbuilt GPS feature that directs them to your office from their actual locations. Transactions can also be done using this app. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms, free of charge.

       Download My Dentist for Android



    This is a free app that works well on Android and iOS operating systems. It has proved to be beneficial to dentists from different parts of the continent. DentalNavi has animations and 3D videos of critical dental procedures. Through this app, patients can get the perfect illustration of what goes on during various dental procedures. This helps drive out fear from those who are undergoing the procedures for the first time. They will get a perfect illustration of what happens in their mouth during such treatments. This app helps in portraying everything in the best way possible, which improves communication with your patients. DentalNavi is made up of various elements in dentistry which include checking for occlusions, implantology, and interactive jaw movement. DentalNavi was developed by Dr. Jean Bausch GmbH & Co. KG, a leading manufacturer in occlusion test materials.

       Download DentalNavi for Android

    My Dental Clinic

    My Dental Clinic

    This app has been developed by Quantum X, Inc. helps you in managing different activities in your dental clinic. It helps reduce the paperwork before you. Too much paperwork may bring about some confusion, and you will also have a difficult time managing your work. It is a mobile app that helps you plan everything right on your phone. You can use this app to keep important information about your patients such as their dental charts, appointments, and other notes. It is easier to contact your patients using this app and get reminders of their appointments. Dentists can use this to plan their daily clinic schedule. The app is free on Android platforms.

       Download My Dental Clinic for Android

       Download My Dental Clinic for iOS

    DDS GP

    DDS GP

    Also known as Dental Demo Suite General Practice, it is one of the dental apps that makes it easier for dentists to work with their patients. The app has been created by Kick Your Apps, Inc. and has many illustrations and images that let them educate their patients on various dental conditions. They can make their patients know the effects of a specific disease if it goes long without getting treated. Using this app, you can let your patients know more about some common dental problems such as periodontal conditions and decay. It is available on the iOS platform for free.

       Download DDS GP for iOS

    My Dental Hub Mobile

    This wonderful dental app is vital for patient education. Patients can access animations, videos, and 3D images to make them understand about various oral conditions and treatment procedures. The videos and animations have a proper narration of several treatments. This helps to prepare them for a specific procedure. My Dental Hub Mobile is available on Android platforms for free. The application created by MyDentalHub has no in-app purchases.

    Benefits of Using Dental Apps

    Patients, dental students, and dentists can benefit a lot from using these applications. Here is how they are useful.


    Communicating with your patients will be more comfortable whenever you use these apps. Explaining to them some of the conditions using dental terms may make it difficult for them to understand. These apps use videos, images, and animations, which make it easy for you to communicate with your patients. Some of the apps let you upload your 3D images which you can use later on to educate your patients.

    Giving Prescription

    You can also use these apps to give out a prescription to your patients for specific treatments. Coming up with the right dosage is effortless using these apps because they can calculate for you the amount needed for particular symptoms. Others have features that help you come up with aesthetic calculations before administering a specific procedure.

    Dental Hygiene Guide

    Patients also stand to benefit a lot from using these apps. Some take you through different oral care procedures you should observe to maintain proper dental health. You can even set up a schedule of when you will be undertaking such procedures to keep your teeth in the perfect state. A guide to treatments like the use of fluoride varnish is also available on these apps. Having these apps helps you develop strong and healthy teeth.

    Encourages Learning

    This is ideal for dental students who are still in the process of learning several things about dentistry. They can use these apps to find out different things they are supposed to carry out during a specific procedure. These wonderful dental apps also help students prepare for their final exams. Using them encourages smooth learning and accuracy in some of the treatments they offer.


    Technology has played a crucial role in improving dental care. Everyone stands to benefit from their use. It is one of the most comfortable and convenient ways to ensure your teeth are in perfect condition. As a patient using this app, you will understand some procedures you find complex. You also learn how to go about the use of products such as fluoride varnish to improve the condition of your teeth. Dentists have the upper hand when it comes to the use of these apps because of the different things they can do. You should download these wonderful dental apps to have an easy time administering several treatments and managing your patients.

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